December 29, 2015

Excel in school but fail in university? - Part 2.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Hi I had wrote about this before but I found some other reasons that came from one word, "momokan" and sorry I don't know what is that word in English. 

You know when you are done with your SPM and you want to know how the university life will be, and you scrolled your twitter timeline and most of the tweets that you'll found will sound like this.

  • To be late to class is normal. Your lecturer would never care.
  • To not understand any single thing that the lecturer taught is normal. You can just study before the final exam.
  • It's okay to sleep in every class.
  • It's okay for you to not sending your assignment on time. 
  • To not cooperating in any teamwork is normal.
  • Duduk dekat u ni kau bebas, takde peraturan suruh kau bangun subuh jemaah tiap pagi. Takde orang nak sekat apa kau nak pakai. Tak salah nak melawa tapi agak-agak la pergi class kot bukannya pergi shooting filem.
  • And lots of other tweets that similar to these.

Let me first talk about #1 to #4. Maybe it’s true that some lecturers will never scold you if you are late for class like you were in school but yet they are human, and they are the one who gives you knowledge. So, one word, RESPECT! Then, to not understand any single thing in class. Yup, some of the lecturers don’t even care if you don’t understand anything that they’ve taught you because it is not their responsibility to ask each and one of you “do you understand?” simply because you are the one who should ask when you don’t understand. You are matured enough to know what is best for you. If you think you can read and understand 12 chapter for 4 subjects in a week then go on, sleep in every class you’re in.

So, for #5, yes you are right. In some university you are free to do to wear to talk to go whatever wherever whenever you want. But just simply don’t forget that you still have your religion, your Almighty God. Your parents can’t see what you are doing, but don’t forget that He can see everything.

To those in university, just stop poisoning your juniors’ mind. Don’t let them repeat the mistakes you did.

December 8, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Okay, so you guys must have heard about unicorn right? Okay if you loved unicorn you are on the same side with me, hand clap guys! But sadly after doing some research, yup unicorn did not exist.But guys i will provide you with some information on unicorn. Unicorn is a legendary magical animal that is described  as a beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.It is believed that unicorn tears have magical healing power.Cool right? If and only if unicorn do exist thus curing cancer would be possible.But, nothing could compare to Allah greatness, only with Allah's permission we could do everything.Here some pictures of unicorn that could brighten up your day. ;)

But, despite its cute looking little chubby animal it's actually have it own power.It was traditionally believe that a virgin who was naked sitting beneath a tree could only catch the untamed unicorn.The unicorn who craves purity will be drawn to the girl and lie down with his head in her lap. While it slept, the hunter could capture it. If, however, the girl was merely pretending to be a virgin, the unicorn would tear her apart.Throughout the stories of the unicorn, its horn, the alicorn, is said to have great medicinal powers. In Ctesias’ writings, the dust filed from the horn was supposed to protect against deadly diseases if mixed into a potion. Or, if you drank from the horn, you would be protected against any poison. Often, a narwhale tusk was sold as an alicorn, and it was often ground up and used for its magical properties.

Okay so this is the end of my story about unicorn, let us face the reality that unicorn DO NOT EXIST! ugh right? okay till the next post guys, bye.

-Co-Writer, Niza Azmi-

November 30, 2015

Excel in school but fail in university?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   It's 11.05 pm and tomorrow is Monday which means I have class tomorrow but hooray tomorrow's class will start at 11 so I don't have to sleep early tonight :P So uhmm posting a new entry for my blog after a revision on ICT lesson sounds nice aite hehehehe.

   So basically, tomorrow is the last paper of SPM for the science stream students which is Biology, (Oh I miss my school life a lot! And my biology teachers too ;) ) and yeah tomorrow on Twitter I am firm that #SPM2015 will be trending as those kids are celebrating their "Merdeka time". I am also very sure that those who sat for SPM before this will said something like "Eleh SPM je pun nanti masuk U kau tahulah". Same situation happened when the UPSR result was announced recently, there were some people said "ala dapat 5A UPSR je pun nanti masuk sekolah menengah/universiti kau tahulah macam mana" and "RT kalau dulu anda dapat 5A UPSR tapi sekarang dah bangang". Undoubted Malaysians' sceptical mind.

   Okay I admit that I was one of those who experienced those changes. But, when I spent some time to think about that and how can it happened I found some causes and solutions. But, bear in mind that what I'll be pointing out is literally not about everyone, different people have different experience and all these examples are exceptional to those who excel from their first day of life until now.

  1. From 5As to "bangang" in secondary school
   First thing first, I can say that this is simply caused by culture-shock, especially for those who was offered to be in hostel ; RK/Cluster Schools, SBP or MRSM. Some of these kids had never been apart from their parents so they are just so excited to feel the "freedom" without their parents. Some of them might think that this is a fun and golden chance to do everything they like because there will be no Mommy or Daddy to observe you and tell you to study everyday. Here is where they went wrong and should learn the lessons. Yes, there are no Mommy nor Daddy there to make you sit at your study table for 2 hours per night because that is your purpose to be in the hostel ; to be independent. Please be aware that it is you who can shape your future, starting from now.

Hostel kids trying to survive in their class ;)
   Next, I think that all those innocent kids that passed the UPSR with flying colours didn't do well in their first year of secondary school is mainly because peer pressure ; made mistake in choosing friends. Well if you befriended with those kaki carut kaki maki, you might as well be those kakis. And I am firm that everyone knows that banyak carut = hati gelap = ilmu susah masuk. So get the picture?

   This situation usually will be prolonged until they are in form 2 ; their first senior year. Lagi la naik tanduk! But when they are in Form 3 usually they will get the "wake up call" as they will be sitting for their PMR or PT3 or whatsoever that the KPM is planning.

   2. From 9As or 8As or excellent result in SPM to "pointer cukup makan" in university

   Ok actually I stopped typing this post yesterday and am continuing it right now on my pinky bed huhuhu. So, uhm have you ever heard anyone saying "budak sekolah harian lagi ok prestasi dari budak asrama bila dekat university"? Eureka! I found out one of the reasons! When we were in the boarding schools, one of the rules is of course the congregational prayers or Solat Berjemaah. Some schools obligate their students to perform all 5 daily prayers together at the musolla while some schools only obligate their students to perform Subuh, Maghrib and Isyak together. Regardless of whatever rules your school had stated, at least your soul was taken a good care and was feed by good soul foods. Yes, we all know after Maghrib prayers usually there will be Yaasin recitation together, or just normal tadarus and also recitation of Al-Mathurat after Subuh prayers. Sometimes, the school or Badan Kerohanian will also organise the Qiamullail. Not to forget Al-Mulk everynight before we hit the sack.

   But, when you are in the university no one will ever force you to go to the musolla or read the Al-Quran anymore. You don't want to perform the congregational prayer? You forget to read at least one page of Quran everyday? Your Al-Mathurat now is covered with dust? No one care! No one will ever force you to sit and read the Yaasin. It's all up on you, yes yourself. So when you forget to feed your soul, nah it's done. You started to feel that it's difficult (yes it is but don't worry it's bearable). So when you do not achieve your expectation or you don't pass the exams in flying colours like you usually did in school, you should sit and think where did you went wrong. Where is the hole that traps you and makes you fall.

   Ok, I know not all that I had written is applicable to everyone's situation but yet I had stated earlier that it is based on my own experience and observation. Do drop your own opinions ;)

Rara :)

November 28, 2015

We Are Different.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

  Actually I've wanted to write about this since November 13 but when God doesn't allows, it wouldn't happen. Oh my excuse! :P

  Okay it all started on the November 13th itself. The UiTM-ers who are currently in their foundation year or diploma result was announced on that day. So one of my buddy was kinda disappointed with her result as she didn't manage to be in the Dean's list, as her GPA is 3.4+ which is just so near to 3.5 to be in the Dean's List. I really know how it feels when we are just so close to achieve our goal but we didn't. So, she tweeted about how frustrated her was, and surprisingly there were two other boys suddenly replied to her tweet with mocking and troll I might say, saying that she was just showing off her good result, and she didn't get what she wanted because she skipped her Subuh prayers. To be honest, I myself didn't expect that there are still humans with that BC minds.

  Dude, let me tell you okay. Not everyone is like you, who just take your study for granted, never aim to be the best and never be conscious about your exam results. Yes, I do understand that some people are not born to be excellent in academic because Allah is Fair, maybe they have other talents that could help them to live their life. I do understand how disappointed we will be when we are just 0.1 metre to reach our goal, plus we need that success to make our parents smile and be proud of us, at least they'll know that their sweats are not useless. No need for you to mock her and saying that she was just showing off. Maybe to some people, that 3.4++ is high enough and you should be grateful. Yes, these people are grateful with their result but at that moment they just can't think where did they went wrong that caused them to didn't reach their goal yet, are their efforts and hardwork are not enough? To these people, chin up, you didn't fail. It is just not your time yet, you are just not there yet. You'll be there, one fine day.

   So guys, it is almost 2016. Let's be someone new. Let's try not to hurt others okay? It costs you 0 bucks to let others be happy.


November 6, 2015

Foundation life in UIA Gambang - Part 2 ( Summary of Sem 1 2015/2016)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   It's Fridayyayyyyy! Huhuhu it's 5:13 pm and I'm writing from my study desk in my hostel. Yeah sem 2 had started for like a week and unfortunately, it is a short sem. That means everythinggggg will move fast and furious! Lessons that should be taught in 4 months will be finished in 7 weeks! Suddenly it's magic .__. Well, I just can pray to Allah that everything will go well and smooth although I have a doubt that I'll not be stressed out during this sem. Last night I was arranging the folders and pictures in my laptop so I think why not I blog about last sem? So here it is!

  I was placed in room C4.26 with three other girls. C4.26 means block C, level 4 and room number 26 but there will be 'C4.26' written on the door.

My roommates :)
I was also placed under study plan of BC52. And in this entire CFS there were only 15 people who got this study plan hahahahaha. And they were my classmates for this sem. And no, we were not separated by course but by our English and Arabic level. 

My classmates with our English lecturers. Yes we got 2 lecturers.
 That picture was on the Drama Competition day, themed Parody of the Fairy Tales and we were asked to present Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. We twisted the plot where the huntsman actually fell in love with the Queen and the Queen had mistakenly ate the half side of the apple which was poisonous and supposed to be eaten by Snow White. Here are some other pictures of that day.

The Queen :D

Guess who was the Snow White? Tadaaaaaaaaa

HAHHAHAHA babe why you have two pictures of the same pose hahaahhahaha penat aku cari decent photos of yours :P

We got the second place mwehehehehehehee :P

We also celebrated one of our classmate's birthday, Faza. It is kind of surprise with just cakes from the kiosk downstairs kuikuikui. To make it merrier and memorable, we gave her a birthday card :)

Unfortunately not everyone joined that surprise because Niza got stung by a wasp.

On Wednesdays, we have to wear white tudung .__.
I doubt anyone had forgotten about the haze that affects most of the parts in our country and yes here in Gambang the haze was bad.

Excuse our mask selfies :P
I'm out of words already so let's take a look at some pictures :)

With our Chemistry lecturer, Miss Nubailah
Kambing Golek @ Jamuan Raya CFS tapi kami dapat bau je T_T
Our food :D

Our last Arabic class with Ustaz Hanif

Our last English class with Miss Amirah

The best Nasi kerabu at the night market! Double thumbs up!
Iftar Jamaie organised by our hisbah. Makan kat koridor :D
A talk by Imam Muda Nuri.

Before our last payperrrr ~('_'~)
After all those hardwork and staying up let's have fun together yeay!
So, that's the summary of my first semester in CFS. It was pretty fun with good friends around me. Hope to have the same or better experience in this second sem. Wish me luck!

Rara ;)

October 30, 2015

Sem 1 Final Exam Result.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

  So,petang tadi officially boleh check dah result untuk sem 1 15/16. And I'm kinda dissapointed with this result. I tried my best, studied, met the lecturers, stayed up, study group. Tapi tulah kan kalau Allah kata takde rezeki, then it's not yours kau buat la apa sekalipun. Mungkin jugak ada factors lain, mungkin aku leka ke lalai ke hmmmm. Tapi Alhamdulillah result APT and EPT okay la boleh jadi cure untuk result ni.

  Mungkin ini satu "wake up call" from Him because all this while I kinda passed my exam with flying colors but this time the colors aren't flying but they're walking lulz. Mungkin kena ubah everything and reset balik everything. I really hope I can have the environment just like what I had in school T_T.

  Hope everything will get better soon, InsyaAllah :)

October 29, 2015

Foundation life in UIA Gambang - Part 1

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!
  UPDATE MAY 2018: Some of the info provided here might be outdated since it has been a few years already and some of the courses will take place in the Kuantan Campus. So, if you have any inquiries please ask the CFS Students' Coordination Committee on their Twitter page. But, if you have any inquiries about the Kuantan Campus you can still ask me, preferable through email ( because nowadays I rarely check my blog (get into this Pharmacy school and you will understand what I'm saying ihiks).

Amboi tajuk bukan main eh part 1 bagai hahahahahaha rajin benar ke nak buat part 2, 3, 4 lol. Takpelah kita tengok la keadaan macam mana eh. Actually this post is for you, yes you who are reading right now! Ok tak la acah je, post ni untuk orang yang nak / akan masuk sini because when I found out that I'll further my studies here, I tried to Google up some information about this campus but sadly, there are not enough information (for me). So, hope this helps!

  Let's start with the first chapter of this foundation life, Taaruf Week that is also known as TaWe.

  So basically this is the orientation week, like UiTM they got MDS and here in CFS, we have TaWe! Oh, one short note, please familiarize yourself with these terms.
  • CFS - Centre For Foundation Studies, which is here. We don't really call this place as UIA because UIA is for the undergraduate students. But actually it's okay je nak panggil UIA pun tapi selalunya orang panggil CFS to differentiate.
  • Kulliyah - this term is always being used by the lecturers. It actually means UIA where you will pursue your degree there.
  • Brothers and Sisters. Yeah here in CFS we address other students as brother / sister. So takdela "wey" unless with our friends mwehehe. Good thing bout this culture is when we meet someone and don't know what should we address him / her because we simply don't know are they in the same age with us or older or perhaps younger so the solution is "brother and sister".
  • DQ, actually I don't really know bout this but as far as I know this is an institute where the students studied first before they enter CFS. So basically they start studying in CFS at 19 years old, a year older than us.
  • Mahallah = Hostel
  Ok sambung. I'm going to tell roughly about TaWe bcs I don't really remember what we did in what day. So the first thing is registration. Time daftar bawak semua yang ada dalam list ; registration form, borang perjanjian asasi etc. Tengok betul-betul each items nak berapa copy. Lepas tu nanti dapat kunci bilik, lepas letak barang pe semua boleh la rileks tunggu announcement je. Tak payah ingat datang awal dapat bilik bawah sebab diorang dah siap letak dah awak kat bilik mana. So kau datang pagi ke datang petang ke kalau dah nama tu kat tingkat 5 kat situlah hahahaha. Oh, mahallah ada 5 tingkat and takde lif.

  Time daftar akan dapat Taaruf Kit that consists of file yang ada yaasin, dengan buku taaaruf. Dalam buku tu ada la itinerary, lyric lagu and oath pe semua. CFS t-shirt and white tudung for sisters. Alah, rileks je tak labuh sampai lutut pun tudung tu bidang 50 je rasanya and tak wajib pakai pun (time aku la). Then, lepas Zohor kalau tak silap baru start. Ada la briefing apa semua from TaWe Committee. Lepas tu akan ada practise lagu CFS, lagu IIUM, and ikrar untuk Bai'ah ceremony. Bai'ah Ceremony tu kira macam majlis rasmi la ada VIP ada la Director CFS datang ke sape ke. Tapi ceremony tu lambat sikit kira macam penutup TaWe la.

  Then korang akan ambik English Placement Test (EPT) and Arabic Placement Test (APT). Ni yang akan tentukan korang akan buat foundation berapa tahun kat CFS, and yup CFS ada foundation 2 tahun compared to other universities yang foundation diorang setahun je #Redha. English ada level 1 - level 6 , Arab ada level 1 & 2. Kalau nak buat setahun :
  • Exempted both exams. 
  • Exempted one of the exams and get the highest level for the other one. Eg : Exempted English and level 2 Arabic or Exempted Arabic and level 6 English.
Tapi kalau dapat One Year Programme pun jangan risau boleh mintak buat 2 year sebab 2 year ni rileks la sikit macam first sem kalau tak campur language 2 - 3 subject je. Plot twist : Haritu Deputy Dean datang and dia kata maybe lepas ni dah takde 2 year programme and english level 5 dah exempted. Tapi tak confirm lagi benda ni pun.


  Then, korang jugak akan ambik exam Tilawah, and FKT. Tilawah tu test bacaan tapi when it was my time siapa budak SBPI and SMKA ke Maahad ke tak payah ambik test ni automatic lepas phewwww untung kan? But in 2016 everyone must take the test. FKT tu exam fardhu ain dia tanya banyak soalan Fekah la and in English. Don't worry kalau tak faham certain terms sebab akan ada glossary kat dalam exam paper tu. These two exams akan menentukan korang kena ambik kelas tilawah / Fardhu Ain / Study Circle.

  Lepas tu nanti dah habis exam ni semua tunggu je la instruction dari committee. Macam time aku ada briefing, exam semua tu, pastu ada ceramah, ada practise untuk baiah ceremony, ada kena tangkap gambar untuk matric card and mahallah briefing by the principal. Haa lepas tu nanti korang akan ada Hisbah, hisbah tu nak describe camana ek. Dia mungkin macam homeroom (sorry la bukan budak MRSM lulz) which it is a group of students and ada satu fellow for each hisbah. Fellow tu macam warden la.

  Tu je la rasanya pasal TaWe. Ni other basic informations.
  • Mahallah Al-Biruni is mahallah campur which means yes, dalam satu mahallah ada brothers and sisters sekali. Time aku sem 1, Blok A and B level 1-4 brothers punya bilik, Blok A and B level 5, blok C, D, E level 1-5 sisters. Takyah risau security matters sebab antara blok brothers and sisters ada pintu yang boleh bukak dari side sister je. TAPI YANG TAK BESTNYA KENA COVER UP EVERYTHING EVEN NAK PERGI TOILET PUN HAIZZZ. Tapi tu kalau dapat bilik yang jauh dari toilet la.
  • Boleh outing Jumaat - Ahad je and kena balik before 10 pm.
  • Outing naik bus rapid nombor 100. Nak balik UIA pun sama cari bus rapid nombor 100.
  • Kalau nak naik bas ekspress untuk balik rumah, boleh tempah kat pak cik kat Kiosk (untuk mahallah Al-Biruni la) tapi dia charge dalam 4-5 ringgit camtu. Kira ok la dari kau pergi beli sendiri tambang bas dah berapa. Kalau ikut fare rate tahun ni, UIA - Terminal Rapid Kuantan = RM4, Terminal Rapid - TSK (stesen bas kuantan) = RM2. Dah RM6, pergi balik dah RM12 hahahaha so jimat duit dan masa. Nak pergi Kuantan tu sangat la jauh haih hahahaha.
  • Selain dari pergi outing kat Kuantan, kalau tak nak jauh sangat pergi la Taman Tas. Ok jugak kat situ ada Tunas Manja (kind of Tesco la for Pahang ni), ada kedai makan ada KFC, pizza hut ada dominos ada cafe gak ada nasi kukus Mama ada watson ada guardian ada bank ada 7e ada kedai rm2 ada keda casing phone ada bazaar Ramadhan haaaa memacam la jugak.
  • Kat Kuantan tu ada ECM, sejenis mall ye anak anak. Tapi dia bandar so ada la benda lain gak oh latest ni ada Vendville so mana kaki shopping tu jaga la duit dan mata hahahhaa
  • Kalau nak naik bas ekspress nak balik kampung, instead of korang pergi TSK yang far far away and RM6 kahkah, korang boleh tunggu je kat Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), and only RM2. Cakap je kat Pakcik Rapid nak pergi UMP, tapi nanti dalam UMP ada banyak stop, make sure korang berhenti bila tv dalam rapid tu tulis UMP, bukan kediaman UMP 1 ke ape ke. Land mark dia is jejantas biru. Pastu kena seberang jalan tunggu kat bus stop situ. Haa time tempah tiket tu tulis la UMP - mana. Contoh UMP - Ipoh takyah la tulis Kuantan - Ipoh so driver bus nanti akan stop la kat bus stop UMP tu. 
  • Nak pergi UMP tu kalau ada geng boleh jugak mintak tolong pak cik kiosk hantar cumanya kena bagitahu dia awal la and confirm bebetul and tak free okay, RM 15.
  • Cafe setakat ni ada satu je KAHKAHKAHKAH ye la sebab baru bukak kan tapi nanti insya-Allah ada la banyak cafe dah banyak mahallahnya tahun ni satu je mahallah kuikui.
  • ATM machine ada don't worry.
  • Line telefon takleh nak kata apa hahahaha. Tapi aku pakai Maxis time memula datang nazak ya rabbi bukan nak kata data, line nak call pun selalu No Signal chait. Tapi tak tau la tu masalah line ke masalah phone sebab lepas tukar phone jarang la takde line tapi data tu memang selau camtu je la nak dapat 3G pun kekadang je ada. Tapi diorang kata Digi okay je entah la nak kahkahkah
  • Wifi ada jugak and setakat ni yessssss laju gila tapi ikut nasib gak ada orang bilik jauh dari modem so kalau nak line wifi kena duduk luar bilik. Tapi time memula datang tu takleh la login wifi sebab kena ada id and password nanti tunggu la announcement bila korang boleh register. ID and password wifi tu jugak korang akan guna untuk iTaaleem and portal myiium. Basically iTaaleem untuk quiz online and portal myiium untuk check course schedule, registration slip, exam slip and exam result. Wifi boleh connect dua device je, kalau connect tiga, salah satu akan disconnect. Gittew. Tapi ni Principal la yang cakap aku tak penah try la pulak 3 device hahaha.
  • Wednesday is official day which sisters kena pakai tudung putih (tak payah tudung UIA pun takpe) and brothers kena pakai kemeja and neck tie, no baju melayu.
Ok la tu je yang ada dalam otak sekarang, nanti pape sis update lagi kuikuikui kalau rajin. Bye!

For more about CFS (academic stuffs etc.) you can refer to this link.

What brings you here, will not bring you there.

October 21, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   These days, most of the people especially the netizens are being so judgemental. They think that they are the one who should be satisfied, despite of anyone's life it is. Well, everyone has the chances to make choices.
Some are crazy over social medias, while some would like to have privacy in their life.
Some choose to eat with their hands, while some prefer spoons and forks.
Some choose cinema, some prefer Astro First.
Some prefer to speak in English, while some is too proud with their own mother tongue.
Some loves Boost, while there are some who can't live without Chatime.
Some loves to eat chicken, while some are vegetarians.

   There are so much other examples but I think that is enough. You see, it takes 0 bucks for you to respect other's choices. Let them be happy with their life. There is no need for you to mock their choices like you are perfect enough. You don't need to interfere other's business unless their choices will affect themselves, the people surrounding, the nation and the most important ; our religion. Then, you should try and advice them to think about their choices, not just simply judge and kutuk sana sini. Guess what, some people can know when people are talking behind their back.

Let's try to fix ourselves so we can live in peace and harmony :)

April 30, 2015

Majlis Perpisahan Pengetua

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Ini cerita agak lama sebenarnya tapi baru ada mood sekarang nak tulis. Walaupun takde orang baca kisah apa aku hahahahahhaahhaaha

It all started on one fine evening, Mom got whatsapp message from her friend; an announcement of Pertukaran Pegawai-pegawai pendidikan dalam Kinta Selatan and jeng jenggggggggggg
Ketua PPD Kinta Selatan : Tn Hj Mat Jaafar - Pengetua SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun
Lebih kurang camtu la mesejnya.  So officially Tn Hj dinaikkan pangkat. Yeay tahniah! Tapi memang lah naik pangkat, tapi sedih la jugak although I'm not in that school anymore, tapi he is such a blessing to us, Bainunians. Sejak Tn Hj masuk sekolah kami, you can feel the positivity in the air~~~~ Seriously he made big changes to us. Banyak sangat la jasa dia kat kami, meh aku try senaraikan hahahahha

- Our Sinar Pagi programme! Yihaaaaaaaa dulu kena datang sharp 6.30 am lepas tu pukul 7 turun perhimpunan. Kalau terlewat tu, duduk bukak buku dah bunyi loceng hahahahaha. Tapi pengetua ni dia tukar sikit, datang 6.40 pastu takpayah turun perhimpunan ya rabbi syok gila *menari hawaii* hahahha
- Budaya tangan di dada time lagu sekolah and bagi salam. 
- Jemaah Isyak dulu baru pergi prep. This is realllyyyyyyy nice. Sebab kekadang ada yang balik prep dah letih tertidur maka terjadi la isyak jam 4 pagi hhuhuhu.
- Ada khemah ibadah haritu. Syok!
- Mentor mentee dorm. Ni dulu dah ada sebenarnya tapi macam dibangunkan kembali haa gitu.
- Start tahun ni dah kena jemaah everytime. Oh please tak payah persoalkan "asrama apa tak jemaah lima waktu?" Everyone is trying to change ok? Dulu bukan takde jemaah time solat. Subuh & Maghrib yang wajib. Selain tu macam kira pilihan la. Zohor ada PIA. 

Ok itu je mampu fikir dah 6 bulan tak sekolah mana nak ingat T_T

So, pada suatu malam sebenarnya aku tersangat lah bosan tahap tak tau nak buat apa langsung. Tv entah pape ceritanya. Twitter pun takde orang. So aku whatsapp la Teacher Aishah tanya majlis perpisahan pengetua bila. Dia kata rabu ni, you guys nak datang ke? Aku kata takde la tak plan apa pun. Lepas tu Teacher kata why not? Come and give him farewell.

Ok so tanya anip, plan apa semua, lepas tu dengan yang tak jadi datang, takde transport, ada hal lesen, at the end aku dengan Husin je pergi. Banyak pancaroba jugak nak pergi sekolah Rabu tu sebenarnya tapi demi pengetua ku redahi hahahahahaha gurau je. Tapi betul la banyak pancaroba tsktsk.

Let's skip to the majlis terus heehhehe. Majlis start pukul 11. So sampai-sampai terserempak la beberapa orang cikgu & students. Lepas tu nak pergi dewan nak bagi hadiah dekat orang yang jaga department hadiah amboi department hahahha ok AJK cukup. Then majlis tak start lagi kitorang keluar la dulu. Nampak Teacher Aishah kat kereta pengetua. Kereta pengetua dah berubah wajah! Sikit je la ahahhahaha
Cards by the bainunians.

Ni hadiah dari batch kami.
Ok so majlis start macam biasa la lagu Negaraku, lagu sekolah and bacaan doa.
Duduk depan macam cikgu ~ Hahhahaha

Husin dekelilingi bunga ~
Lepas bacaan doa, emcee pun bacalah biodata & pengenalan sikit pasal pengetua. Background music sedih gila bak kata budak kelas aku, macam lagu tsunami mwehehehehe sebak la jugak tapi I kan kental kikikiki.

The Emcees

Pada tahun 2014, Tn Hj Mat Jaafar telah meneruskan pekhidmatan beliau di SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Beliaulah tulang belakang sekolah dan nadi kekuatan sekolah. Jasa dan pengorbanan yang telah disumbangkan oleh tuan pengetua tidak mudah untuk kami lupakan. Antara jasa dan buah tangan ditinggalkan tuan pengetua yang menjadi buah mulut kita semua merupakan Galeri Bainun, Inderaloka Bainun seta keindahan dan keceriaan segenap pelosok bumi Bainun. Selain itu, sifat prihatin dan kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada semua guru dan murid akan menjadi igauan kami buat selama-lamanya.
Tuan Pengetua bukan sahaja imam kami ketika solat berjemaah, tetapi juga imam kami *di arena keilmuan.* Aku rasa la tu ayatnya sebab aku record voice note je lepas tu sekarang dengar balik tak dapat tangkap apa dia cakap.
Seterusnya, ucapan wakil pelajar dari Amir. Time penutup speech dia, Amir nyanyi lagu kenangan terindah. 
Then ucapan wakil pentadbir, Cikgu Zulkafli. Aku sempat record penutup speech je mwehehehhe
Kalau tidak kerana unggas, tidaklah rosak padi di sawah. Kalau tidak kerana tugas, tidaklah kita akan berpisah. Kalau ada pauh diraih, bawa sebiji ke tanah seberang, kalau ada budi yang baik, sampai mati dikenang orang. Bagi tuan, selamat maju jaya, salam transformasi Bainun. Moga ikatan dan jalinan persahabatan dan persaudaraan yang terjalin di antara kita akan tetap kekal harum mewangi tanpa pudar dimamah usia.
Time tu pun ada background music alahai sayunya T_T. Kemudian tiba masa untuk ucapan yang diraikan, tuan pengetua. Terharu jugak time kata alu-aluan pengetua mention nama aku dengan Husin and students tepuk tangan. So here is some of what I recorded.

Saya akan meneruskan perkhidmatan di Pejabat Pendidikan Kinta Selatan mulai esok 16 April selepas hampir 11 bulan saya berada di sekolah ini. Saya tak ada puisi, saya tak ada sajak namun begitu sebelum saya meninggalkan bumi Bainun ini, ada beberapa perkara kalau boleh dijadikan sebagai satu ingatan, kalau boleh dijadikan sebagai sebagai satu pegangan untuk kita meneruskan perjuangan kita sebagai seorang pendidik, sebagai seorang kakitangan awam sebagai seorang murid, apa sahaja.
Ada beberapa perkara yang diberikan kepada kita dan tidak boleh dikembalikan. Tiga hal, tiga perkara yang tidak akan kembali kepada kita. Yang pertama, masa yang telah diberikan kepada kita tidak mungkin akan datang kembali. Yang kedua, kata-kata yang mana setelah kita hamburkan, kita keluarkan dari mulut kita, kata-kata itu tidak mungkin untuk kita tarik kembali. Dan yang ketiga ialah kesempatan atau peluang yang telah diberikan kepada kita kalau kita tidak ambil, tak mungkin dia datang lagi.
Hari ini masa ini kita berada di sebuah sekolah yang hebat. Hari ini masa ini kita di sebuah institusi pengajian yang menjadi tumpuan semua orang. Hari ini masa ini kita berada di satu tempat yang mana memungkinkan diri kita untuk terus maju ke hadapan.
Ada ungkapan yang menyatakan, rebutlah lima waktu sebelum sampai lima waktu. Masa muda sebelum tua, masa senang sebelum susah, masa sihat sebelum sakit, masa kaya sebelum miskin, masa hidup sebelum mati.
Walaupun 11 bulan saya berada di sini,hubungan saya dengan murid-murid, hubungan saya dengan warga Bainun, saya merasakan seolah-olah lebih panjang *some words missing hahahah tak dapat tangkap pulak apa yang dikata* kemesraan yang dapat saya rasakan. Saya mempunyai peluang untuk bersama-sama dengan anak-anak, saya mempunyai peluang untuk bersama-sama dengan guru-guru lebih berbanding dengan tempat-tempat yang lain.Itulah sebabnya saya mengatakan bahawa saya rasa bangga, saya rasa berterima kasih kerana diberi peluang untuk berada di sekolah ini walaupun dalam tempoh masa yang agak singkat.
Kecemerlangan memang hak SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Saya yakin anda mampu mencipta kejayaan yang lebih cemerlang yang telah pun dibuat oleh abang-abang kita sebelum ini, oleh calon-calon SPM 2014, STPM 2014, saya yakin anda mampu mengatasi untuk memastikan kluster kecemerlangan hak SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun.
Walaupun pemergian ini bukan di atas kehendak saya sendiri, saya secara ikhlas memohon ribuan ampun dan maaf dari hujung rambut sampai ke hujung kaki kerana saya merasakan banyak perkara lagi yang tak sempat saya lakukan, banyak perkara lagi yang ada di fikiran saya yang tak sempat saya laksanakan. Tetapi saya bangga, selama 11 bulan saya di sini, kerjasama, komitmen yang telah  ditunjukkan oleh barisan pentadbir, barisan guru-guru, barisan kakitangan saya, barisan murid telah menguatkan hati saya, telah menguatkan semangat saya walaupun *some words missing hahahahaha*
Kekuatan saya sebenarnya datang dari tuan-tuan, kekuatan saya sebenarnya datang dari murid-murid, sebab saya melihat kehendak tuan-tuan, kemampuan tuan-tuan keinginan tuan-tuan dan kehendak murid-murid kita juga saya yakin memberikan satu semangat kepada saya. Kekuatan itulah yang saya belajar disekolah ini, kekuatan itulah yang saya timba sebelum ini. Kerana sebelum ini, dua tiga tempat yang saya pergi saya tidak menerima cabaran yang hebat seperti di SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Namun Allah bantu saya, kerana saya ada sahabat-sahabat pendidik saya, Allah bantu saya saya ada anak-anak putera puteri yang memahami dan dekat dengan saya.
Lepas tu tuan pengetua recites a few ayat dari Al-quran.

Saya berpegang pada ayat ini, apabila kamu diuji, oleh ketakutan oleh kekurangan oleh fitnah dan sebagainya, bersabarlah, ada hikmah kerana orang yang bersabar itu, yang Allah uji itu, yang pertama untuk Allah tingkatkan darjatnya, yang kedua orang yang bersabar itu untuk Allah hapuskan dosanya. Saya banyak dosa tuan-tuan, saya banyak kekurangan tuan-tuan, mungkin Allah uji saya tetapi saya yakin, saya sentiasa berdoa agar Allah berikan bantuan. Bantuan itu datang daripada tuan-tuan. Bantuan itu datang daripada anak-anak saya sendiri. Yakinlah anak-anak, yakinlah para pendidik, kita berada di tempat yang sesuai untuk kita meneruskan tugas-tugas sebagai hamba dan khalifah.
Saya memohon ampun dan maaf kepada semua sekiranya sepanjang 11 bulan ini, ada hati yang terguris mungkin ekoran dari kata-kata saya, tindakan saya namun niat saya cuma satu saja, untuk SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun.
Ok sampai situ je yang sempat record mwehehhehe. Lepas tu persembahan murid and guru.

Nasyid, Soutun Naim.
Orkestra dekat wing kanan dewan, tu je yang dapat tangkap T_T
Puisi from Sir Rahman.

Penyampaian hadiah. Husin as wakil Batch 29.
Acara potong kek.



Ada student yang menangis rupanya. Memang lah sedih tapi nak buat macam mana tu rezeki pengetua, dinaikkan pangkat. Marilah kita berdoa Bainun terus maju dan unggul, aceh ayat hahahahaha ok sekian laporan, bye xoxo.

April 28, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Hmmm this is an express post because this topic tetiba singgah di minda hahahahhaa acah je ayat.
Ok let's start. Kita selalu dengar ada yang cakap kat orang lain,
Kau cantik bolehlah. Kau mampu bolehlah.
And those yang dipuji akan kata,
 Kau bersyukurlah apa kau ada. Mesti kau akan bahagia.
Yes it's true that we have to be grateful for what we have, but aduh macam mana nak cakap eh. Sebab kau cantik, memang lah kau akan kata everything will be nice with just bersyukur. Please, put youself in their shoes. Rasa macam mana dia rasa terasing bila kawan-kawan dia semua cantik semua lawa. Kawan-kawan dia yang lain semua boleh dapat apa mereka nak tanpa usaha. Sedang dia yang usaha mati-matian korban itu ini korban duit, masih macam tu. Ya, pokoknya rezeki. Tapi kau tahu rasa dia macam mana bila dah beberapa tahun pun masih macam tu hidup dia? 

Sakit tau tak tengok orang lain yang cantik ni. Bukan nya dia takde usaha nak ubah diri dia. Macam-macam dia cuba buat supaya dia tak nampak macam the ugly duckling bila dia ada dengan kawan-kawan dia. But it all didn't turned out well for her. Semua tak jadi. Semua tak kena. Masih macam tu. Rasa nak menangis pun ada bila tengok gambar orang lain and tengok diri dia dalam cermin. Perit tau bila ada kawan-kawan dia bergambar tanpa dia and dalam hati dia fikir, "kalau ada aku dalam gambar tu mesti rosak gambar tu". And dia hanya mampu tumpang gembira tengok kawan-kawan dia bahagia dengan hidup. 

"Untungnya jadi macam dia." Memang insecurities some people ni tinggi. Sebab apa? Sebab dia pernah melalui realiti. Didiskriminasi. Bukan orang lain yang diskriminasi tu. Bila everyone is in the same circle and doing the same thing tapi kau seorang je yang kena marah, kena pandang pelik, apa kau rasa? Thats why some people is not being themselves. Takut. Takut apa yang dia buat semua orang tak boleh terima. Sebab dia tak sama macam orang lain. Dia takde apa-apa. And she lost herself. Dia bukan diri dia yang sebenar bila dia dalam masyarakat. Dia tak boleh nak suarakan pendapat dia. Dia hanya mampu diam. Lama-lama dia fobia untuk cakap depan crowds.

Lagi satu kes bila orang macam ni kena puji. Let say dia upload gambar dia and dia rasa dalam 1000 gambar dia sejak lahir, itu lah gambar paling ok dia ada. Then ada orang puji kata cantik and what so ever. Then dia kata takde lah mana ada cantik. And there will be a person pertikaikan, orang dah puji cakap je la thank you apa susah. Masalahnya yang so called kena puji tu tak tau itu satu pujian ke satu perlian. Sebab dia sedar diri. Lagi satu sebab dia tak tahu how to response to pujian because dia memang jarang dapat pujian. Sebab dia tiada apa-apa. 

Ok ini last, orang takde rupa ni tak boleh ke nak ada crush? Mesti dipandang pelik bila dia macam ada interest to any guy. People please, they have feelings too. Memang dia minat, tapi jauh dalam hati dia,dia sedar rupa dia macam mana, dia tahu dia tak layak. Maka sebab itu ia hanya berhenti takat minat. Tak lebih dari itu. Orang pandang dia hina, macam la dia nak ada syurga bawah telapak kaki orang yang dia minat. Dia tahu batas dia. Dia tahu apa yang boleh dan tak boleh. Kau tak tahu, orang yang dia minat tu bukannya dia nak kahwin pun dengan orang tu. lepas tu kau tuduh dia gatal la apa la. Bukan dia mintak perasaan tu nak datang. Dia juga manusia. Haiwan pun ada interest to their opposite gender kan. So please, tak payah judge orang. 

Sekian bebelan jemah hari ini. Ciao.

April 15, 2015

Pesanan Cikgu.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Ok let's make this short and simple because I'm already sleepy tapi tetiba rasa nak update blog hahahahaha. Dah tutup dah Chrome lepas tu bukak balik. Ok tadi aku dengan Husin pergi sekolah sebab ada majlis perpisahan pengetua, naik pangkat jadi ketua PPD Kinta Selatan. Pasal majlis tu kalau rajin I cerita ok hahahahaha

So macam biasa la lepas majlis jumpa cikgu-cikgu and cikgu ajak makan potluck ehehehehhehe syiok ok stop. And ada sorang cikgu baru ni, baru masuk tahun ni, Cikgu Rohiman nama dia (rasanya la ejaan camtu hehehehe) Time tu kitorang tengah sembang dengan teacher Aishah lepas tu she went to the toilet and cikgu Rohiman came to us.

" Student last year?"


Lepas tu dia tanya dapat mana and mintak apa rasanya. Aku dengan Husin both dapat Matriks Negeri Sembilan. Husin kata dia nak ambik medik, aku kata la Farmasi. Ohh panjang cerita dan komplikasi pasal farmasi ni actually luls malas nak ingat nanti sakit hati. Lepas tu dia tanya aku kenapa tak ambik medic then aku kata oh no no hahahahaha 

Haaaaaaaaaaaa di sinilah bermulanya nasihat. Dia cakap banyak sebenarnya pastu dia macam bagi hint suruh “panjangkan pesanan” kat kawan-kawan tapi panjang betul apa dia cakap aku lupa la sikit hahahahha.

Tak ingat la tapi macam dia kata kenapa tak ambik medic terus. Aim higher gitu. Medic kena 4flat, farmasi 3 berapa ntah dia cakap aku lupa hahahhahaha panjang sebenarnya apa dia cakap tapi ni je yang aku mampu extract.
- Kalau takde minat, leave je. Macam dia memang nak jadi cikgu dari kecik. Tapi dia dapat matriks rasanya kalau tak silap la matriks. Tapi dia pergi sehari je pastu malam tu dia chiao sebab dia kata dia rasa takde hati (ke takde jiwa ntah hahahaha) untuk study bidang tu kat situ (lebih kurang la ayat dia).
- Bila kita minat satu bidang, cari satu tokoh yang strong dalam bidang tu. Tengok pathway dia, macam mana dia boleh berjaya macam tu. Tengok mana dia pergi.
- Bila masuk matriks (rasanya hahahaha) first sem takyah hirau lain. Fikir nak skor 4 flat je. Lagi yang nak ambik medic tu. 
- Ok yg ni cikgu che araine cakap dia kata kalau pape bidang pun cuba la study sampai jadi pakar. Eh cikgu rohiman pun ada kata pasal prof muhaya tapi tak ingat  butiran lanjut rasanya pasal buat research kot. sorry hahaha.
- Approach prof ke dr ke lecturer ke. Tanya pasal subject. Sebab kadang2 apa yang dia bagitau tu itu yg keluar exam. Lecturer pun manusia, dia ada humanity. Bila dia tengok budak betul2 nak belajar dia akan tolong. 
- Ni macam point penting gak ah. Jangan kejar nama university. Be smart. Contohnya dia kan nak jadi cikgu tapi dia tak mintak upsi. Dia tau ramai akan apply upsi so dia apply um ambik degree pendidikan. “jadi cikgu jugak kan?” macm medic dia kata apply la ums ke unimas ke.

Ok itu je untuk dishare nanti pape kalau aku teringat aku tambah. SHORT AND SIMPLE SANGAT HAHAHAHHA bye

March 7, 2015

3rd of March, SPM 2014 result.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!


So today I want to tell you my experience of taking my SPM result (acah).

Let's start with a week before the SPM result will be announced. Berapa banyak kali mimpi dapat result pun tak tau lah, tapi paling banyak sekali aku mimpi dapat 6A. 6As is not good for me. Cuak memang tak payah cerita la, because I really didn't want what happened to our school in 2014 to happen again in 2015. Aku taknak batch kami jadi punca, aku tak nak result SPM aku jadi punca aku malu nak jejakkan kaki kat Bainun lagi. 

Then on 1st of March, baru aku tau yang result STPM will be announced a day before SPM result, which will be tomorrow, the 2nd of March. Petang 2 Mac tu, *drum roll* Pengetua send gambar dekat group whatsapp.

Jeng jeng! Gila tak cuak, SPTM dah berjaya. Sekolah terbaik negeri Perak. Sumpah cakap memang takut. Macam mana kalau esoknya tak macam ni? Serius rasa nak nangis.

Tu je aku mampu nak cakap petang tu T_T
Then malam tu Mak nak keluar pergi bayar bil apa semua dengan ayah.Mak tanya nak beli apa-apa tak nak bagi cikgu esok, and I was thinking, hmm kalau tak dapat 9A nak bagi untuk apa? Tanda mintak maaf? I told mum, sukati mak la nak beli apa. Malam tu perasaan lagi la bercampur aduk, rasa macam entah, takut sangat. PMR tak macam ni pun.


Ayah kejut, tanya nak ayah ikut tak. Sebab before this aku pernah cakap aku nak pergi ambik result sorang2, kalau ok baru aku call suruh datang hahahaha. Sebab time 2014 hari ambik result SPM2013, kalau tak silap datang ambik result camtu je takde pun majlis macam kitorang ambik result PMR. Uisy PMR pun sweet moment gak, 71 orang 8A:') Aku pun cakap 'hmmm ok' lepas tu ayah cakap "hari tu taknak ayah pergi" hahahahha Mak kata siap-siap, 9.30 mak balik sekolah mak ambik.

Pagi tu nak kata nervous tak nak nervous sangat, maybe nervous tu dah bosan datang kat aku dia pergi jalan-jalan kejap. (please get my joke) Paling tak boleh blah pagi tu sempat menggatal dengan Qilah tweet kat Sharnaaz Ahmad suruh dia wish goodluck nak ambik result malangnya nan hadooo tak dilayan ok hahaha

Kan hadiah yang mak beli untuk cikgu-cikgu tu, ada 10. Letak dalam paper bag, nice one I like rasa nak simpan taknak bagi hahahaha buruk perangai. Then actually malam tu I wrote 2 sets of 10 notes ntuk letak dalam paper bag tu nanti. Set yang pertama tulis,
Terima kasih, cikgu. Jasamu dikenang :)
Itu kalau dapat straight A, kalau ditakdirkan tak dapat, the note is
Terima kasih, cikgu. I'm sorry, it's my fault.
Lepas tu lipat-lipat kertas tu semua letak dalam my bag. So nanti lepas dapat result, pilih notes yang mana yang akan ada dalam goodies bags tu. Ok so dah siap-siap iron baju mandi pe semua, let's take a selfie!

Dah siap-siap tunggu mak, dapat whatsapp dari Cikgu Azeera. Jeng-jenggggggggg

Nombor 2 dalam Kinta Utara!
Lagi la bertambah seram. Time ni dah start seram dah. Oh before tu ada orang retweet Harian Metro punya tweet kata total yang dapat semua A menurun dari berapa belas ribu ntah jadi 11K. Aku memang dah doa Ya Allah bagi la aku antara 11K tu. Lepas tu aku forward benda tu dekat ws batch. Ada yang dah sampai sekolah pun. Aku cakap,
 jangan bagitau kat sini sape yang dapat tak dapat tau, aku takut dah ni.
Lepas mak dah ambik, pergi sekolah ayah ambik ayah pulak then terus pergi Bainun. Otw tu memang senyap aku cuak sangat T_T Phone bunyi sebab whatsapp semua tak bukak, taknakkkkkk! Kan diorang kata pukul 10 dah boleh ambik result, tapi pukul 10 aku atas jalan raya lagi, 10 lebih baru sampai.

Dah sampai sekolah, orang first aku nampak, K-un dengan lagi sorang sape ntah tak ingat. Lepas tu ayah parking dekat volleyball court belakang kantin, so nak pergi dewan lalu kantin dulu. Budak-budak lower form tengah rehat. Dekat kantin terserempak cikgu Mazlan,
Athirah, kamu ke yang selalu belajar kat atas bukit tu?
Haah, kenapa?
Bagus,bagus. Tak sia-sia kamu belajar kat bukit. Tahniah.
Apa ni cikgu saya tak tau apa-apa T_T
Aku taknak harap apa-apa sebab tahun lepas yang tak dapat 9A, dapat 8A pun cikgu-cikgu cakap tahniah. Lepas tu aku ciao pergi kat dewan ramai jugak yang dah sampai. Form 5 pun dah ada kat luar dewan. Time tu mak dah masuk dewan, ayah tunggu kat pintu dewan. Rupanya result belum announce lagi. Nampak Teacher Aishah, hug lepas tu nangis. "Teacher saya takutttttt" Tak ingat la teacher cakap apa tapi yang aku ingat "after you get your result, come and see me" Then cikgu Liana pulak, hug lepastu nangis lagi. Nangis sebab takut ok. Cikgu Liana yang aku ingat dia kata "La apasal nangis awal-awal! *gelak* Takpe-takpe cikgu cakap tahniah awal-awal. Cikgu dah tengok tadi ingatkan nak tangkap gambar nak whatsapp kamu tapi tak jadi la" Cikgu apa ntah cakap, lama sangat diorang analisis kome punya result. Lepas tu jumpa junior2 yang ada depan dewan tu, hug kawan-kawan. Oh Teacher Hezan pun ada tapi time hug tu dah habis nangis dah. Dia pun kata "Aku takut wey"

Beberapa minit lepas tu, Cikgu Zul keluar dari office (eh ke bilik permaisuri haahahha entah) bawak laptop, jalan pergi pintu masuk dewan, kitorang kan kat situ. Dia kata "OK MASUK"

Ya Allah tuhan je tau cuak tu cemana. Aku masuk cari mak, mak duduk dengan mak Nafisa. Lepas agaknya sementara tunggu laptop dia set up agaknya, Cikgu Zul jalan-jalan kat dewan lepas tu dia cakap dengan aku. Tak ingat la mula-mula dia cakap apa tapi yang ni memang akan ingat.
Tak macam yang saya expect, *thumbs down*
Thumbs down dia buat ok!!!! Ya Allah rasa macam hmmm apa aku dapat ni. Lepas tu dia ciao T_T
Ok rupanya ada majlis pengumuman result SPM, bukan macam tahun lepas ambik je kat guru kelas. Paling tak sangka form 5 pun sekolah suruh masuk dewan sekali. Aku duduk sebelah Ifah dengan Suhana. Tak ingat time bila tapi waktu duduk dalam dewan la Ifah cakap "Sikit kan 3 orang?" and I said "diam kau aku benci kau" hahahhaha. So majlis pun start, Cikgu Zul jadi emcee lepas tu Ustaz Salleh baca doa, and pengetua yang akan announce result. Tbh, mula-mula cam tak fokus sebab cuak so tak ingat pun pengetua cakap apa hahahahaha

Tapi mula-mula pengetua announce 100% LULUS! Then pengetua announce GPS sekolah which is lagi sikit nilai lagi bagus. Tahun lepas, GPS sekolah meningkat dari 2.98 jadi 3.21 berapa ntah. Tu yang jadi macma-macam kat sekolah tu huhuu ok tutup kes. Kiranya 2.98 tu best record untuk SPM sekolah which were done by batch 2008 and batch 2012. Waktu meeting dengan pentadbir dulu cikgu ada bagitau target sekolah untuk SPM 2014 is 1.5. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get that 1.5 but we managed to get

YEAY 2.97 LIKE EVERYONE WAS SCREAMING HAPPILY!!!! We managed to beat previous record which is 2.98 yeah it seems like it is just a little difference which is 0.01 but we are happy so shut your mouth up ahahahhahaha After the GPS announcement  I was like "I'm done I don't want to hear anything" But we have to face the reality kan :P 

Then pengetua umumkan 3 orang yang dapat straight As. Ifah was right! Mana dia tau dulu ni?! Guess who was the first one? Jeng jenggg


muahahahahaha aku tak expect la! Memang la nak sangat straight A tapi eh ok diam bersyukur. Yang aku ingat waktu pengetua announce nama aku, Ifah macam jerit Athirah hang dapat! Aku respond lambat sikit sebenarnya ke aku yang rasa waktu bergerak perlahan waktu tu hahahahahha Aku bangun pergi kat ayah dulu sebab ayah duduk belakang kitorang mak kat depan sana ahahahaha and Mum was crying ok aku macam "eh kenapa nangis" hahahaha bak kata angah, "ko mana ada perasaan" eh hello I dah nangis luar dewan sebab takut ok hahahaha atas pentas tu sebenarnya masih dalam fasa UNBELIEVEABLE hahaha aku tengok skrin, aku cakap dekat mak, "Eh banyaknya A+" hahahahaha

So the second one is Iza Hairani and the third one is Husin. Congrats all! Congrats for my 29s too. Remember, each of us do contributes for that 2.97, and our dream to make Bainun shines again is now a reality (kot?).

This is not my sucess alone, this is our sucess. Everyone that made my life. Thank you Allah for this As, thank you mak & ayah and my family for the support, thank you Principal and administrators for the programmes and motivations, thank you teachers for the knowledge and sacrifices, thank you to all the teachers from my primary schools to high school, thank you my 29s for being together through our ups and downs, thank you to all Bainunians for your prayers, solat hajat and Yaasin reciations, thank you everyone. This is for you ; Mak, Ayah and teachers.

Athirah Aziz's Copyright 2012 :)