May 23, 2016

Foundation life in UIA Gambang - Part 3 (FAQ)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

UPDATE MAY 2018: Some of the info provided here might be outdated since it has been a few years already and some of the courses will be in the Kuantan Campus. So, if you have any inquiries please ask the CFS Students' Coordination Committee on their Twitter page. But, if you have any inquiries about the Kuantan Campus you can still ask me, preferable through email ( because nowadays I rarely check my blog (get into this Pharmacy school and you will understand what I'm saying ihiks).
The UPU result for the 98s was released on the 16th of May, and congratulations to those who managed to secure a place in the university! So we (the TaWe committee) tried to gather those who will be in CFSIIUM so we can help them if they have any problems or questions and these are some of the questions asked by them.

Q : Are washing machines provided? Do the machines accept coins?
A : Yes washing machines are provided. They accept 20 cents, 50 cents coins and banknotes (RM1). You have to pay RM2.50 for every usage.

Q : Is there any self-laundry shop nearby?
A : I don't know if we have one in Gambang ehh wait I think we have one but it is near the Gambang resort and there are a few self-laundry shops at Taman Tas but are you really going to wash your clothes there? The distance from mahallah to the front gate where the bus stopped is almost 1km I think (but it is really far man and it is kinda berbukit) and do you really want to ride the bus with a bag of clothes so umm think twice before you decided to do that.

Q : Are gym/field/courts provided.
A : Yes gym is available and everyone can use it every evening from 5:30 I think. No charge. So far, yes there is one big field at the CFS stadium and a number of playing courts but unfortunately, the students are prohibited from entering those areas because they are still under constructions T_T. There is one court available at the Mahallah Al-Biruni but it is used by the brothers but no worries sisters you guys can still play netballs or basketballs at the parking lot.

Q : How many students per room? Can we choose our room / roommates?
A : Fantastic four. For your first semester your roommates and room will be given, no choice. For the next sem you can choose your roommates but not your room.

Q : Where is the toilet / shower located?
A : Toilets and showers are not in your room. There will be two toilets and showers for each level. It is not freaking two individual rooms of toilet but mannnnn how I'm going to explain this. Oh okay one toilet consists of 5-6 individual toilets and 5-6 showers. 

Q : How far is the nearest bus terminal?
A : Dude I'm telling you it is really far you even have to take two busses to reach the terminal. But I wrote about "balik kampung" procedure; how to buy ticket etc here :)

Q : Are classes' timetables will be changed during Ramadhan?
A : No. The earliest class starts at 8 am by 6 pm the classes are already dismissed. No class on weekends unless your lecturer wants to do an extra class or a replacement class.

Q : Is IIUM certified by MQA?

Q : Why did the fees that we paid are going into UIA PJ's account?
A : No worries. Either you are in CFS PJ, Gambang or Gombak the fees will be into UIA PJ's account brcause I think most of the administration officers are there.

Q : Can we pay the fees online?
A : No you can't. You should go to Bank Muamalat and it is compulsary for you to have a saving account of Muamalat in order for you to get your allowance. No Bank Islam no Maybank no CIMB no whatsover. Tapi nak bukak bank lain pun bukak la takde masalah pun cumanya wajib lah ada Muamalat tu. To pay the fees just go to the bank and told the officers that you want to pay the fees for Asasi UIA. They will give you a payment slip to be filled in and proceed to the counter. Make sure you bring the payment slip during the registration.

Q : Is ATM provided?
A : Yes, the Muamalat ATM. You can withdraw money from your other bank account (yang ada MEPS) but you'll be charged RM1.06.

Q : How many copies of Borang Perjanjian Asasi / Borang Maklumat Peribadi should we prepare?
A : Read the instructions provided thoroughly and carefully.

Q : Is it true that we just have to bring our x-ray? No need to perform the medical check-up before the registration?
A : Yes a big yes. Just bring your x-ray and make sure your x-ray is not out of date. The medical check up session will be held here. (Actually this is stated in the medical check up form)

Q : Can we change our course?
A : Yes but it depends on availability and your SPM results. You can also apply to change your course at the end of every sem usually but it also depends on your CGPA and there are some terms and conditions applied.

Q : Do we have to fill in the Borang Pertukaran Program Asasi that we downloaded with Borang Perjanjian Asasi if we change our course?
A : No. 

Q : How about books?
A : For in-class usage (copying notes and doing questions and tutorials) you can have any notebooks you preferred or if you are the kind that copy the notes in the test pads and compile them in a file, go on. Some subjects (eg: Biology) don't even requires notebooks but most of them yes they do. Textbooks and tutorial books are available from the lecturers.

Q: Can we go home daily if our home is just nearby? How about outing and curfew?
A: For those in Gambang campus, no you can't. For those in Kuantan, I'm not sure if CFS students can apply for off-campus stay. Outing for Gambang Campus is only in weekends (tak ingat lah Jumaat boleh ke tak lol I'm updating this post in June 2018) and curfew is at 10 pm meanwhile outing for those in Kuantan campus is allowed every day with curfew at 12 am.

Any other questions, you can drop your curiosities in the comments section below. Thanks.


  1. Thank u very much!

  2. what about the duration of foundation? 1.5 years or 2 years? btw, Im a new intake student and based on UPU , I got biosience found. I thought iium gambang but not, I got iium PJ. really nervous because of EPT.

    1. Latest news yang I dapat, only 1 year or 1 and half. No more 2 years programme. Oh, last year biosc dekat Gambang. Tapi time batch kitorang, Nursing memang register kat PJ pastu lepas Tawe diorang pindah Gambang. Pasal EPT tu, ada orang pernah upload contoh soalan. Try Google. Format dia lebih kurang MUET sikit. Ada reading, essay describe graph and bagi opinion on an issue. Listening dengan speaking test takde. All the best!

    2. Tapi kalau ada subject fail and EPT APT pun banyak kali repeat ada possibility untuk 2 years.

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    1. Sorrryyyyy tertekan remove comment sumpah tak sengaja 😂 I am not very sure about this sebab dah 2 tahun tinggal cfs, tapi my friends yang daftar kat pj kata kalau dah buat checkup tunjuk result je and then boleh proceed. Tapi kalau dekat gambang rasanya kena buat jugak. Tapi time tu 3 course je yang ada and sekarang dah ramai yang register sana so taktau la macam mana. Sorry. (But I will try to find the answer okay)

    2. Btw kalau nak selamat, just prepare another copy of the medical checkup form. Just in case.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if I can go home daily because my house is near? I have applied for foundation in medic herr in Gambang.

    1. Apologies for the late reply. No, you can't go home daily. Only during weekends.


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