May 16, 2017

I'm shook.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

A few days ago, my colleague asked me a question.

"Athirah, macam mana nak sembahyang Maghrib?"

I thought I misheard her. Then she repeated her question. Ummm nope I didn't misheard the question.

"Akak dah Google camana nak sembahyang Subuh, yang 4 rakaat akak tau" she said.

I answered "Oh dia sama je tapi rakaat kedua kita tahiyat awal and rakaat last kita tahiyat akhir."

Then ada customer datang nak bayar and the conversation ended.

I'm just shook. I can say that I was raised in a good environment. My parents sent me to KAFA school and I had to go "ngaji" every weeknights. Then, I went to boarding school where more Islamic practises were done; congregational prayers, Al-Mulk, Al-Mathurat etc. And I was in CFSIIUM or UIA. Basically I was surrounded by people who at least knows the basics. But I am not that good, aku bukan budak usrah and takde la pakai purdah (wow it rhymes!) aku pun ada dosa 😔.

But that question somehow taught me a lesson.

Tak semua orang bernasib baik dibesarkan dalam suasana yang betul, yang mengamalkan cara hidup yang sepatutnya. And when they wanted to change, help. It is our duty to bring them to the true path. Bukanlah nak suruh ceramah tapi at least we show them good examples. And most importantly, do not judge. We all sinned, just in different ways ;)

May 7, 2017

Mahkamah dunia.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

There are reasons why courts exist.
So that the innocents can defend themselves.
So that no fcking self-claimed judges.
Supaya yang tak berkenaan tak menghakimi membabi buta.
Supaya manusia tahu, menghukum itu perlu bukti kukuh. Bukan setakat dengar satu pihak.
Supaya manusia sedar, cerita yang dibawa-bawa tidak semestinya kisah sebenar.
Dan supaya kau dan aku sentiasa ingat, hanya Dia yang Maha Adil dan Bijaksana.

February 23, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

I am not working today because last night my body temperature is quite high and this morning it went back to normal but I still got headaches and mual. What’s mual in English btw hahahaha. The funny part is I woke up this morning and decided to go to work because I thought I can handle the pain but nahh time tunggu bas tetiba tak larat sungguh pastu balik rumah sambung tidur lol.
Who really knows me would know that if I’m running a fever, the high temeperature wouldn’t really last long. Maybe only for 3-4 hours. And because there’s nobody home to send me to clinic because I need to get my MC for the proof of my absence, I can only go to the clinic in the evening after Mak got home. And there’s the unpleasant part. Doctor checked my temperature and it already went back to normal and I think I’m labelled as “this one person who doesn’t really sick but wants a MC slip” lol. But I swear I don’t lie.

If and only if there’s a tool to measure headache so Mr Doctor would really believe me :’) But I still got my MC tho hehehehe.

P/s: To my Ifahlicious if you read this, idk why but I can't reply to your comment / add new comment on the previous post but here's my reply "omo rindu jugakkkk! thank you hehehehe finally ada reader #kenamasukdiaryni lol" hahahahahahaha

ignore my hand pose but hi pah! hahahha

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