June 30, 2018

Degree Life - First Year as A Pharmacy Student in IIUM

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Today is 28/6, and the result for our second semester examination was released at 5 p.m. Alhamdulillah, although I still didn't achieve my target GPA but I achieved my another target. And OMG I scored A for Organic Chemistry doh hahahahhaha (I'll describe briefly about each subject for the first year later in this post).

This post is actually to document my journey as a first-year student of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM. (Btw, please hafal how the spelling of kulliyyah is because it's annoying bila dalam report ke dalam assignment ke salah eja and ada lecturer potong markah kalau salah eja lol). I hope it will give a little insight into how will your life be if you are expecting to be one of the KOP students!

First of all, set your intention right. This may sound cliché but seriously, it affected me, (nak tahu full story kena email hahahhaha tak boleh cerita sini lol).

Gambar full bilik takde la pulak huhu 

Tu dia masih nampak bulan. Nanti time TaWe kena bawak everything you need for the whole day sebab akan stay kat OCD pagi sampai malam okay?

P/s: The talks during TaWe maybe nampak macam boring tapi take note la mana yang penting. Finance, ITD, curriculum talk, library, IIUM clinic apa semua tu. So nanti bila kena deal with all those thing takde la terpinga-pinga. Nak bayar yuran pun tak reti padia, pastu duk bising kata talks time TaWe takde input pape pun sebenarnya, hang yang ignorant takmau ambik peduli pastu bising. Ha kan dah terbebel.

1. White Coat Ceremony
Okay first of all, during TaWe (after all the talks), there will be a White Coat Ceremony for all first-year students. As the name suggests, yes everyone should wear a white coat or a lab coat wtv. The TaWe committees will remind the students. White Coat Ceremony is a welcoming-ceremony-kind-of. There will be a short briefing, speech from the Dean and also a bai'ah session. (Yes, another bai'ah ceremony). And every batch has their own name, it is Rx(your intake year - 1). For example, we registered in September 2017 so our batch is Rx16 which means we're the 16th batch. What is Rx? Ha sila Google ;)

There will be a briefing on your curriculum structure. Please give your full attention on this briefing okay?

After the ceremony, it was the photography session!

Hi, we are your future drug experts.
All pictures of White Coat Ceremony is credited to Ipha Press.
Then, on the first-second week, please expect more briefings :) (But not as much as in TaWe). There will be IPhA, ALPHA, MyPSA briefing, RxBuddies talk, lab briefing, KOPSHEC briefing.

2. Timetable
Contoh timetable. It changes weekly. Bukan tetap setiap Selasa pukul 9 ada Anatomy, gittew.
Tapi uni required courses macam UNGS, tilawah tu selalunya tetap.
As you know, pharmacy students are among the busiest students in IIUMK. Tapi, jangan biar mindset tu leads to negativity, like what happened to me. But still, everyone wears different shoes right? Paling penting, niat dan berlapang dada. And please, please avoid la masuk kelas lambat. It's annoying. Ada lecturers tak suka, ada yang dah bagitahu awal2 kalau dah lambat 10 minit better tak payah masuk lulz. Kalau lambat datang untuk lab, ada lecturer memang tak bagi masuk ha terkontang-kanting la kau cari slot nak ganti kalau tak 0 marks for practical haaa. Tapi kalau sedar diri tu dah lambat datang class masuklah ikut pintu belakang so tak distract semua orang okay? Ni dah la masuk lambat, ikut pintu depan, berlenggang pergi seat pfftt. Try la to be punctual.
One more thing, please acknowledge the lecturers' title. Dr ke, Brother ke Madam ke. Most of them are Dr btw, so avoid calling them Bro / Madam because of ummm respect?

3. Subjects
Disclaimer: what I am going to write is basically what was implemented during our year so I don't know if it is going to be the same as yours but if you are reading this in 1-2 years after I posted this entry then I think there will not be much different. And I suggest you guys to ask the seniors about the Class Rep and PIC system to avoid confusion which may lead to chaos ;) 
In Semester 1, these are the subjects that you are required to take (setiap subject ada few lecturers yang ajar) :

This subject is interesting. Basically, you learn about the rulings/fiqh on medical issues such as abortion, fasting, organ donation, alcohol usage, vaccines, smoking, animal trial etc. Tapi chapter awal is about the Islamic history of pharmacy. Dah nama pun Islamic Input, so bersedia la kena hafal ayat-ayat Al-Quran & Hadiths. Ada quiz, assignment, seminar presentation. Final exam got no MCQ. 
Oh, during our time, the assignment is individual, which I love. And the assignment requires you to choose a lecturer to be your supervisor (is this the term?) lol. Setiap lecturer ada topic dia sendiri and there will be few students for each lecturer, ikutlah dia nak berapa. And, bukan semua lecturers yang assigned for the assignment tu ajar kita time first sem. And as expected, yang pernah ajar kita and students rasa macam baik menjadi rebutan. So, Iman and I chose a lecturer yang kitorang tak tahu pun siapa dia hahahahha so random sebab time nak rebut and isi the Google Sheet, we were at Tunas Manja, busy with grocery shopping lol. Seminar tu pun kena assigned under a lecturer jugak tapi this time it is a group task.

Subject ni pun best jugak. Learn about the organs and systems in our body. Time lab please focus and give attention because nanti ada OSPE for final exam which is a practical exam. Gross anatomy lab will be held at KOM and that is super interesting because there are real cadavers and you can touch the real organ. Ada quizzes, ada assignment (just a simple one). Final ada MCQ and essays and in case you don't know, MCQ here is on "true or false" basis. Not "one best answer" (This applies only to final exams, quizzes may vary according to the lecturers). And the best part is, MCQ uses minus marking system :))))))

Question 1:

Five questions. You answered all, got 4 correct answers and 1 wrong answer. Your mark will be only 3 because 4 correct answers - 1 wrong answer. So, nak selamat mana yang tak tahu tu tinggal je tak payah jawab lol. Kalau tak jawab tak potong markah.

That's me holding a real brain ;)
This subject requires a lot of memorising (of course understanding too), basically you learn how the systems in the body work. Got quizzes, lab reports but I can't recall if we had an assignment for this subject. Final pun ada MCQ and essays. 

As the name suggests, this subject is about the physical and technical part in pharmacy such as solubility, acid base, partition coefficient, colligative properties etc. No quiz at all (so subject ni selalu jadi anak tiri but please don't repeat my mistake nanti nak final exam menyesal lol), ada assignment, labs and lab reports. Final rasa macam ada MCQ (what happened to my memory duhhh) and essays.

Kahoot session during tutorial class. I'm pretty good in this hhahahahah I won twice for Phy Pharm class and also I got the first place in Organic Chem hehehehe.

Subject ni pun best! Walaupun banyak definition nak kena hafal, tapi ada lab and during the lab session we will prepare some medications (the simple ones of course such as normal saline, syrups, calamine lotion). Ada quiz, assignment and for final ada practical exam. During the practical exam, after you're done with your task, you need to present your medication to the examiner. Tips: Please give salaam first before you start with your so called patient-consultation. Oh, time kitorang ada hospital visit to IIUMMC. We got to know how the in-patient and out-patient pharmacy operate. Lepas tu kena buat report kahkahkah.

Ni one of the UNGS subjects, ada 3 UNGS kena ambik sepanjang belajar kat KOP and subject ni takde final exam so workload banyak dekat assignment and presentation la tapi insya-Allah okay je.

There is also a slight change for the upcoming batches for your curriculum structure but I think you guys should receive the news during White Coat Ceremony later (rahsia jeng jenggg). The first semester is the time for you to find out which study method is suitable for you because the life is not the same as your CFS life. I tried a few, pergi library lepas class (tapi ada hari yang tak productive sebab dah letih kat class kan), buat flashcards, tampal nota kat dinding, tweet kahkahkah.
P/s: Time tutorial class sila focus and bagi perhatian (patutnya every lecture pun kena camtu) and take note bila lecturer cakap macam "you might want to have a further reading on this topic" etc. Some lecturers talk very fast and some of them are not Malaysians so some of us might be struggling to understand their accent. My suggestion: guna voice recorder kat phone to record the lectures so at least boleh tahu apa yang lecturers cakap kalau time dalam class terberangan ke tertidur ke (been there done that lol). 
4. Books
About the books, lecturers akan bagitahu buku apa diorang pakai. For Physiology, it is recommended to buy the book from the lecturer herself. Subjects lain try tanya senior if they have the photocopy version. Islamic Input tak pakai buku pun. My advice: dapat je matrics card terus pergi register as library member sebab kalau tak register tak boleh borrow books from the library. There are few copies of the books in the library tapi kena pandai cari. Dekat student lounge pun kadang-kadang ada yang wakaf punya tapi ada jugak orang yang nak jual buku (usually ada price tag) letak kat situ so pepandai la korang cari.

5. Societies

IPhA which stands for IIUM Pharmacy Students' Society is basically one of the students' societies or here in IIUM, they are known as Kulliyyah Based Society (KBS). ALPHA is the alumni's, MyPSA is the national society of pharmacy students.

Nanti akan ada EGM and AGM organised by IPhA. EGM ni macam membincangkan perkara berbangkit which the committees will ask for every batch to come with their motion to be discussed in the meeting. AGM pulak is more to wrapping up session for the current tenure of IPhA as there will be reports presentation by the secretary, treasurer etc and announcement of the new line up for IPhA, which the voting was done before the meeting. Nanti ada la korang kena calonkan your friends for certain position in the line-up andddd guess who was elected kahkahkahkah.

Time TaWe nanti ada satu hari yang every society kat IIUMK akan bukak booth kat OSC (Client Day kot nama dia) to promote their society so bolehlah pergi tengok kalau rasa nak join. Ada banyak, we have PROFAZ, PEERS (macam pembimbing rakan sebaya kot), FUSCHIA for those who love arts, Faciteam, Silat, Pengakap (tapi kat sini nama dia lain), iMasjid, ARC and banyakkk lagi.

6. Food
About the food, rasanya semester 1 2018/2019 cafe dekat KOP tu takde tender lagi (sama macam time kitorang sem 1 lol). Siapa rajin bolehlah balik mahallah for lunch, yang kurang rajin boleh pergi KOM or KAHS. Ada yang pergi makan time recess 10.00 a.m. tu, ada yang tapau sesiap from cafe mahallah before datang kelas. 12.30 p.m. - 2.00 p.m. tu sempat je nak pergi makan pastu solat pastu sisters nak touch up lulz.

Kalau makan yang selain time class, banyak je kedai makan kat Kuantan ni. Depan campus je ada Vanggey and Burger King. KFC and McD pun sebelah-sebelah je, before sampai bandar. Kalau nak keluar selalunya orang naik Grab/MyCar etc sebab bas Rapid tak masuk dalam sampai Mahallah. Kalau nak naik bas, kena tunggu kat bus stop kat luar main gate sana.

7. Activities

Interbatch Game (IBG) will be held in this semester. So siapa yang berbakat dalam sports tu bolehlah join. ISCAR which is IIUM Sports Carnival (inter-kulliyyah) selalunya second semester. Ada jugak programmes organised by IPhA and other societies.

Attending Madam Rohani's son's wedding at OCD. Madam Rohani taught us Pharm Prac tapi dia dah pencen.

Time ni Closing Ceremony for Mahallah Carnival Week and UNIC datang. I wasn't a fan and pergi sebab ikut Ilah hahahahaha bila part dia ajak reramai nyanyi guess who kept her mouth shut sebab tak tahu lyrics lol

Ni BBQ session which we did before the final exam.
And this semester jugak (usually nak dekat hujung semester) the first year students will start planning for Pharmily Day that will be held during Semester 2 (I'll write about this event in  next entry). It's the tradition, first year students yang akan organise this event. And usually every year IIUM will be the host for one of the MyPSA programmes such as NPDC, NPSC. So, this is your chance to be involved in national level programme.

I guess for the second semester kena tulis entry lain sebab macam dah panjang hahahaha. See you in the next post! If you have any inquiries or nak lecture notes for semester 1 in case nak study awal boleh comment (tapi selalunya tak perasan sebab tak check on daily basis), or you can tweet / email me at athirahaziz08@gmail.com. 

March 23, 2018


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Since the last post is a bit negative, let me compensate the positivity meter hehehehe.
Takde la, what I'm going to say ni actually tetiba came across my mind time nak balik from library haritu. Okay, let me give you the full situation. 

Now, most of the UG students except for some Medic and Dentistry students are on the semester break which is a week. And, I did not go home :) Some people are saying "seriously tak balik? Seminggu kot?" and paling tak guna sekali "mak kau halau kau eh?" lulz. Y'all, I got 3 quizzes and a midterm next week and 2 assignments to be started (bukan completed tau, mula pun belum hm). Sebagai seorang yang sedar diri bahawa rumah adalah tempat yang sangat best untuk tidur, then I decided to stay here. Plus, I already went home last two weeks, sebab homesick lol.

So, when I decided to not go home, I planned my daily schedule. What subjects should I study and what topics should I finish in a day. Actually, I am still figuring out is it me yang sekarang ni lambat sangat nak faham and dah lah can't 100% remember what I'm studying (I took the whole day to study one lecture note of Pharmaco T_T) or it's the subjects yang tough so it really needs time to fathom all those facts. So long story short, I was a bit frustrated la because at the end of the day, there's still a lot that I didn't study for. Pharmaco, Organic Chem, and Biochem yang tak sentuh langsung lagi tu, Microbes chapter Virus yang dah lupa padahal next 2 weeks ada quiz.

Tapi time nak kemas barang sebab nak balik from library, tetiba terlintas, "Alhamdulillah for today. At least I gained something, at least ada benda yang I have better understanding now." And I was like, hm patutlah selama ni rasa macam what I did is not enough, macam dah study pun tapi rasa tak tenang sebab can't really hafal everything. Ha, sebab tak bersyukur! Hm, I know that's bad sila jangan ikut. But, when that thought crossed over my mind sumpah rasa tenang ;). So, instead of tengok apa yang kita tak capai, be proud of what we have achieved. Sebab, when I overthink pasal tak sempat nak study, nak catch up, my mind will ultimately be messed up and finally, nothing is done sebab can't focus. Study benda ni tapi teringat yang tu tak study lagi, serabut!

Maka, it's okay. Do it at your own pace and of course need improvement but do not punish and overstress yourself okay?


January 6, 2018

Final exam and gifted.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Well it's 2018 already and my last post was in October 2017 hehe. Was thinking to blog at least once a week but then hm no consistency I think. Being a degree student is not a joke man. Yaaaaa I know baru first year and first sem but this is my phase okay? I know it will get harder by times and I will see today’s challenge and hardship as only a small matter but hey, human grows?

Sebenarnya tengah buat soalan MCQ for physiology OMG tomorrow is the day doh can’t believe the day is really coming. Ya that sounds dramatic but that’s one thing about me. I get pretty nervous and in unbelievable phase when the real important days are really coming, i.e. final exam days, Along’s wedding day, my Uni registration day and the list goes on. Tapi Alhamdulillah everything went well je nobody is hospitalised sebab terkejut the day is really coming lol.

Actually this post only to convey a message. It have been lingering in my mind since umm idk 2013? Ya, you know in any class there will be that one kid (or more) that looks like he/she did nothing extra or even nothing at all but then bila result keluar fuh nama mereka la teratas. And other students will be saying “gifted bolehlah”, as in they did nothing but they achieve everything. I personally think that if you are not with them 24/7, you do not really see what they are doing outside of the class, you should not label them as gifted.

Because some of em really works hard, it just us that did not see their effort. Some of them burnt the midnight oil, belum cerita hubungan dia dengan Tuhan macam mana, they really pay attention in class while some of us kalau dah tak faham tu terus give up (cakap dengan cermin).  Kalau kita memang 24/7 berkepit dengan orang tu and tahu dia memang tak belajar and result still excellent boleh la kot nak kata dia gifted. But when people works really hard to achieve something but then labelled as ‘that person who did nothing but achieve everything’ is kinda hurting, yes? These people memang bukan jenis nak bagitahu orang how’s their effort pun, some of them sacrifise a lot, so we should not disregards their effort kan? Tapi cuba tanya apa dia buat sampai dia boleh score alright?

Okay tu je nak cakap doakan I can answer my paper well tomorrow, adios! 
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