November 30, 2015

Excel in school but fail in university?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   It's 11.05 pm and tomorrow is Monday which means I have class tomorrow but hooray tomorrow's class will start at 11 so I don't have to sleep early tonight :P So uhmm posting a new entry for my blog after a revision on ICT lesson sounds nice aite hehehehe.

   So basically, tomorrow is the last paper of SPM for the science stream students which is Biology, (Oh I miss my school life a lot! And my biology teachers too ;) ) and yeah tomorrow on Twitter I am firm that #SPM2015 will be trending as those kids are celebrating their "Merdeka time". I am also very sure that those who sat for SPM before this will said something like "Eleh SPM je pun nanti masuk U kau tahulah". Same situation happened when the UPSR result was announced recently, there were some people said "ala dapat 5A UPSR je pun nanti masuk sekolah menengah/universiti kau tahulah macam mana" and "RT kalau dulu anda dapat 5A UPSR tapi sekarang dah bangang". Undoubted Malaysians' sceptical mind.

   Okay I admit that I was one of those who experienced those changes. But, when I spent some time to think about that and how can it happened I found some causes and solutions. But, bear in mind that what I'll be pointing out is literally not about everyone, different people have different experience and all these examples are exceptional to those who excel from their first day of life until now.

  1. From 5As to "bangang" in secondary school
   First thing first, I can say that this is simply caused by culture-shock, especially for those who was offered to be in hostel ; RK/Cluster Schools, SBP or MRSM. Some of these kids had never been apart from their parents so they are just so excited to feel the "freedom" without their parents. Some of them might think that this is a fun and golden chance to do everything they like because there will be no Mommy or Daddy to observe you and tell you to study everyday. Here is where they went wrong and should learn the lessons. Yes, there are no Mommy nor Daddy there to make you sit at your study table for 2 hours per night because that is your purpose to be in the hostel ; to be independent. Please be aware that it is you who can shape your future, starting from now.

Hostel kids trying to survive in their class ;)
   Next, I think that all those innocent kids that passed the UPSR with flying colours didn't do well in their first year of secondary school is mainly because peer pressure ; made mistake in choosing friends. Well if you befriended with those kaki carut kaki maki, you might as well be those kakis. And I am firm that everyone knows that banyak carut = hati gelap = ilmu susah masuk. So get the picture?

   This situation usually will be prolonged until they are in form 2 ; their first senior year. Lagi la naik tanduk! But when they are in Form 3 usually they will get the "wake up call" as they will be sitting for their PMR or PT3 or whatsoever that the KPM is planning.

   2. From 9As or 8As or excellent result in SPM to "pointer cukup makan" in university

   Ok actually I stopped typing this post yesterday and am continuing it right now on my pinky bed huhuhu. So, uhm have you ever heard anyone saying "budak sekolah harian lagi ok prestasi dari budak asrama bila dekat university"? Eureka! I found out one of the reasons! When we were in the boarding schools, one of the rules is of course the congregational prayers or Solat Berjemaah. Some schools obligate their students to perform all 5 daily prayers together at the musolla while some schools only obligate their students to perform Subuh, Maghrib and Isyak together. Regardless of whatever rules your school had stated, at least your soul was taken a good care and was feed by good soul foods. Yes, we all know after Maghrib prayers usually there will be Yaasin recitation together, or just normal tadarus and also recitation of Al-Mathurat after Subuh prayers. Sometimes, the school or Badan Kerohanian will also organise the Qiamullail. Not to forget Al-Mulk everynight before we hit the sack.

   But, when you are in the university no one will ever force you to go to the musolla or read the Al-Quran anymore. You don't want to perform the congregational prayer? You forget to read at least one page of Quran everyday? Your Al-Mathurat now is covered with dust? No one care! No one will ever force you to sit and read the Yaasin. It's all up on you, yes yourself. So when you forget to feed your soul, nah it's done. You started to feel that it's difficult (yes it is but don't worry it's bearable). So when you do not achieve your expectation or you don't pass the exams in flying colours like you usually did in school, you should sit and think where did you went wrong. Where is the hole that traps you and makes you fall.

   Ok, I know not all that I had written is applicable to everyone's situation but yet I had stated earlier that it is based on my own experience and observation. Do drop your own opinions ;)

Rara :)

November 28, 2015

We Are Different.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

  Actually I've wanted to write about this since November 13 but when God doesn't allows, it wouldn't happen. Oh my excuse! :P

  Okay it all started on the November 13th itself. The UiTM-ers who are currently in their foundation year or diploma result was announced on that day. So one of my buddy was kinda disappointed with her result as she didn't manage to be in the Dean's list, as her GPA is 3.4+ which is just so near to 3.5 to be in the Dean's List. I really know how it feels when we are just so close to achieve our goal but we didn't. So, she tweeted about how frustrated her was, and surprisingly there were two other boys suddenly replied to her tweet with mocking and troll I might say, saying that she was just showing off her good result, and she didn't get what she wanted because she skipped her Subuh prayers. To be honest, I myself didn't expect that there are still humans with that BC minds.

  Dude, let me tell you okay. Not everyone is like you, who just take your study for granted, never aim to be the best and never be conscious about your exam results. Yes, I do understand that some people are not born to be excellent in academic because Allah is Fair, maybe they have other talents that could help them to live their life. I do understand how disappointed we will be when we are just 0.1 metre to reach our goal, plus we need that success to make our parents smile and be proud of us, at least they'll know that their sweats are not useless. No need for you to mock her and saying that she was just showing off. Maybe to some people, that 3.4++ is high enough and you should be grateful. Yes, these people are grateful with their result but at that moment they just can't think where did they went wrong that caused them to didn't reach their goal yet, are their efforts and hardwork are not enough? To these people, chin up, you didn't fail. It is just not your time yet, you are just not there yet. You'll be there, one fine day.

   So guys, it is almost 2016. Let's be someone new. Let's try not to hurt others okay? It costs you 0 bucks to let others be happy.


November 6, 2015

Foundation life in UIA Gambang - Part 2 ( Summary of Sem 1 2015/2016)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   It's Fridayyayyyyy! Huhuhu it's 5:13 pm and I'm writing from my study desk in my hostel. Yeah sem 2 had started for like a week and unfortunately, it is a short sem. That means everythinggggg will move fast and furious! Lessons that should be taught in 4 months will be finished in 7 weeks! Suddenly it's magic .__. Well, I just can pray to Allah that everything will go well and smooth although I have a doubt that I'll not be stressed out during this sem. Last night I was arranging the folders and pictures in my laptop so I think why not I blog about last sem? So here it is!

  I was placed in room C4.26 with three other girls. C4.26 means block C, level 4 and room number 26 but there will be 'C4.26' written on the door.

My roommates :)
I was also placed under study plan of BC52. And in this entire CFS there were only 15 people who got this study plan hahahahaha. And they were my classmates for this sem. And no, we were not separated by course but by our English and Arabic level. 

My classmates with our English lecturers. Yes we got 2 lecturers.
 That picture was on the Drama Competition day, themed Parody of the Fairy Tales and we were asked to present Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. We twisted the plot where the huntsman actually fell in love with the Queen and the Queen had mistakenly ate the half side of the apple which was poisonous and supposed to be eaten by Snow White. Here are some other pictures of that day.

The Queen :D

Guess who was the Snow White? Tadaaaaaaaaa

HAHHAHAHA babe why you have two pictures of the same pose hahaahhahaha penat aku cari decent photos of yours :P

We got the second place mwehehehehehehee :P

We also celebrated one of our classmate's birthday, Faza. It is kind of surprise with just cakes from the kiosk downstairs kuikuikui. To make it merrier and memorable, we gave her a birthday card :)

Unfortunately not everyone joined that surprise because Niza got stung by a wasp.

On Wednesdays, we have to wear white tudung .__.
I doubt anyone had forgotten about the haze that affects most of the parts in our country and yes here in Gambang the haze was bad.

Excuse our mask selfies :P
I'm out of words already so let's take a look at some pictures :)

With our Chemistry lecturer, Miss Nubailah
Kambing Golek @ Jamuan Raya CFS tapi kami dapat bau je T_T
Our food :D

Our last Arabic class with Ustaz Hanif

Our last English class with Miss Amirah

The best Nasi kerabu at the night market! Double thumbs up!
Iftar Jamaie organised by our hisbah. Makan kat koridor :D
A talk by Imam Muda Nuri.

Before our last payperrrr ~('_'~)
After all those hardwork and staying up let's have fun together yeay!
So, that's the summary of my first semester in CFS. It was pretty fun with good friends around me. Hope to have the same or better experience in this second sem. Wish me luck!

Rara ;)
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