November 28, 2015

We Are Different.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

  Actually I've wanted to write about this since November 13 but when God doesn't allows, it wouldn't happen. Oh my excuse! :P

  Okay it all started on the November 13th itself. The UiTM-ers who are currently in their foundation year or diploma result was announced on that day. So one of my buddy was kinda disappointed with her result as she didn't manage to be in the Dean's list, as her GPA is 3.4+ which is just so near to 3.5 to be in the Dean's List. I really know how it feels when we are just so close to achieve our goal but we didn't. So, she tweeted about how frustrated her was, and surprisingly there were two other boys suddenly replied to her tweet with mocking and troll I might say, saying that she was just showing off her good result, and she didn't get what she wanted because she skipped her Subuh prayers. To be honest, I myself didn't expect that there are still humans with that BC minds.

  Dude, let me tell you okay. Not everyone is like you, who just take your study for granted, never aim to be the best and never be conscious about your exam results. Yes, I do understand that some people are not born to be excellent in academic because Allah is Fair, maybe they have other talents that could help them to live their life. I do understand how disappointed we will be when we are just 0.1 metre to reach our goal, plus we need that success to make our parents smile and be proud of us, at least they'll know that their sweats are not useless. No need for you to mock her and saying that she was just showing off. Maybe to some people, that 3.4++ is high enough and you should be grateful. Yes, these people are grateful with their result but at that moment they just can't think where did they went wrong that caused them to didn't reach their goal yet, are their efforts and hardwork are not enough? To these people, chin up, you didn't fail. It is just not your time yet, you are just not there yet. You'll be there, one fine day.

   So guys, it is almost 2016. Let's be someone new. Let's try not to hurt others okay? It costs you 0 bucks to let others be happy.


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