November 6, 2015

Foundation life in UIA Gambang - Part 2 ( Summary of Sem 1 2015/2016)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   It's Fridayyayyyyy! Huhuhu it's 5:13 pm and I'm writing from my study desk in my hostel. Yeah sem 2 had started for like a week and unfortunately, it is a short sem. That means everythinggggg will move fast and furious! Lessons that should be taught in 4 months will be finished in 7 weeks! Suddenly it's magic .__. Well, I just can pray to Allah that everything will go well and smooth although I have a doubt that I'll not be stressed out during this sem. Last night I was arranging the folders and pictures in my laptop so I think why not I blog about last sem? So here it is!

  I was placed in room C4.26 with three other girls. C4.26 means block C, level 4 and room number 26 but there will be 'C4.26' written on the door.

My roommates :)
I was also placed under study plan of BC52. And in this entire CFS there were only 15 people who got this study plan hahahahaha. And they were my classmates for this sem. And no, we were not separated by course but by our English and Arabic level. 

My classmates with our English lecturers. Yes we got 2 lecturers.
 That picture was on the Drama Competition day, themed Parody of the Fairy Tales and we were asked to present Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. We twisted the plot where the huntsman actually fell in love with the Queen and the Queen had mistakenly ate the half side of the apple which was poisonous and supposed to be eaten by Snow White. Here are some other pictures of that day.

The Queen :D

Guess who was the Snow White? Tadaaaaaaaaa

HAHHAHAHA babe why you have two pictures of the same pose hahaahhahaha penat aku cari decent photos of yours :P

We got the second place mwehehehehehehee :P

We also celebrated one of our classmate's birthday, Faza. It is kind of surprise with just cakes from the kiosk downstairs kuikuikui. To make it merrier and memorable, we gave her a birthday card :)

Unfortunately not everyone joined that surprise because Niza got stung by a wasp.

On Wednesdays, we have to wear white tudung .__.
I doubt anyone had forgotten about the haze that affects most of the parts in our country and yes here in Gambang the haze was bad.

Excuse our mask selfies :P
I'm out of words already so let's take a look at some pictures :)

With our Chemistry lecturer, Miss Nubailah
Kambing Golek @ Jamuan Raya CFS tapi kami dapat bau je T_T
Our food :D

Our last Arabic class with Ustaz Hanif

Our last English class with Miss Amirah

The best Nasi kerabu at the night market! Double thumbs up!
Iftar Jamaie organised by our hisbah. Makan kat koridor :D
A talk by Imam Muda Nuri.

Before our last payperrrr ~('_'~)
After all those hardwork and staying up let's have fun together yeay!
So, that's the summary of my first semester in CFS. It was pretty fun with good friends around me. Hope to have the same or better experience in this second sem. Wish me luck!

Rara ;)

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