October 21, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

   These days, most of the people especially the netizens are being so judgemental. They think that they are the one who should be satisfied, despite of anyone's life it is. Well, everyone has the chances to make choices.
Some are crazy over social medias, while some would like to have privacy in their life.
Some choose to eat with their hands, while some prefer spoons and forks.
Some choose cinema, some prefer Astro First.
Some prefer to speak in English, while some is too proud with their own mother tongue.
Some loves Boost, while there are some who can't live without Chatime.
Some loves to eat chicken, while some are vegetarians.

   There are so much other examples but I think that is enough. You see, it takes 0 bucks for you to respect other's choices. Let them be happy with their life. There is no need for you to mock their choices like you are perfect enough. You don't need to interfere other's business unless their choices will affect themselves, the people surrounding, the nation and the most important ; our religion. Then, you should try and advice them to think about their choices, not just simply judge and kutuk sana sini. Guess what, some people can know when people are talking behind their back.

Let's try to fix ourselves so we can live in peace and harmony :)

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