December 29, 2015

Excel in school but fail in university? - Part 2.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Hi I had wrote about this before but I found some other reasons that came from one word, "momokan" and sorry I don't know what is that word in English. 

You know when you are done with your SPM and you want to know how the university life will be, and you scrolled your twitter timeline and most of the tweets that you'll found will sound like this.

  • To be late to class is normal. Your lecturer would never care.
  • To not understand any single thing that the lecturer taught is normal. You can just study before the final exam.
  • It's okay to sleep in every class.
  • It's okay for you to not sending your assignment on time. 
  • To not cooperating in any teamwork is normal.
  • Duduk dekat u ni kau bebas, takde peraturan suruh kau bangun subuh jemaah tiap pagi. Takde orang nak sekat apa kau nak pakai. Tak salah nak melawa tapi agak-agak la pergi class kot bukannya pergi shooting filem.
  • And lots of other tweets that similar to these.

Let me first talk about #1 to #4. Maybe it’s true that some lecturers will never scold you if you are late for class like you were in school but yet they are human, and they are the one who gives you knowledge. So, one word, RESPECT! Then, to not understand any single thing in class. Yup, some of the lecturers don’t even care if you don’t understand anything that they’ve taught you because it is not their responsibility to ask each and one of you “do you understand?” simply because you are the one who should ask when you don’t understand. You are matured enough to know what is best for you. If you think you can read and understand 12 chapter for 4 subjects in a week then go on, sleep in every class you’re in.

So, for #5, yes you are right. In some university you are free to do to wear to talk to go whatever wherever whenever you want. But just simply don’t forget that you still have your religion, your Almighty God. Your parents can’t see what you are doing, but don’t forget that He can see everything.

To those in university, just stop poisoning your juniors’ mind. Don’t let them repeat the mistakes you did.

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