February 20, 2017

Random babbling.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!
It’s currently 4:49 am and guess who’s wide awake. I fell asleep after maghrib (in my work uniform and kain telekung lol) and awake at 12 something and now I’m so bored and decided to wait till Subuh or else confirm Subuh gajah punya. Tetiba rasa macam nak update blog without having any real topic what to write about. Takpelah let’s follow the flow ahahahaha.
Oh, I started working since 27/12 last year as a cashier at an AEON store. Well if you are looking forward to apply for that position and need an explanation of experience or how the job goes, just reach me on my twitter account at the sidebar or just left your comment below (gitu acah dia). Takdelah hahahahah sebab when I first got a call to go for the interview I looked out jugak for some information regarding this job but unfortunately, I found none that really helps me tho.
Well, my first day didn’t go very well because hmm you know newbie trying to adapt to the environment and all those rules and cultures that I didn’t know. Ye la before ni time masuk tempat baru pun at least everyone is new there (register sekolah/university) but this is a whole new experience. But yasssss I’m lucky the cashiers are very friendly and helpful (except that one person who keep telling me the wrong information and it didn’t happen only once but multiple times). Okay let me give you an example. So the evening shift on weekends started at 2pm which I only knew I think a few weeks after I masuk kerja because the one who I met first on my first day told me every evening shift started at 1.30 pm -_- ( CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH THE RIGHT INFO PLEASE IT’S YOUR JOB KOT).

Okay back to the story. So on that day which I think it was a Sunday, I came early, it’s not even 1.30 yet because I decided to have lunch first then I could go to the surau before the briefing starts at 2 pm. Okay so the briefing is usually being held at the first floor and the canteen is at the second floor. I think I went to the first floor first to put my pencil case and water tumblr. There, I met that person that asked me “nak pergi mana?”. And I cakaplah kan I nak pergi makan because briefing kan at 2 pm. Then she said “eh harini masuk 1.30 lah” and because she worked there longer than me so I kind of believed her la kan because I’m still confused with their system at that time. So I pun macam redha la kena berlapar until rehat nanti which is at 4 pm. Then it was already past 1.30 pm and I see nobody else coming and I decided to just go to the canteen and have a quick lunch sebab at that time I’m pretty sure confirm masuk pukul 2 because briefing is always on time. Ada jugak few times she did the same thing up until one point I didn’t believe anything that came out from her mouth anymore. Well, if you are unsure of the true fact, then don’t tell me craps la it’s damn annoying tahu tak.

Okay let’s remove that kind of people from our life lol. Oh, the kuliyyah interview result is out and alhamdulillah I am accepted into the Kuliyyah of Pharmacy yeayyyyy and the registration day will be on September so yeah still got a long time to collect some money hahahhaha. 

Offer letter hehehehe
But I think I will only be working up until July because I think I need a break before the real hectic life started again. For those who are reading this, please pray for me so that I can be strong to face all these ragam manusia and hopefully I can survived my degree years excellently and guess what? Toing toing! Doa tu melantun balik kat awak so yeah may all good things happen to you too!

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  1. IMY!!!! Congrats on your degree babe! I'm following right now. Please update more sbb I'm gonna read k hehe xoxoxo


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