February 23, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

I am not working today because last night my body temperature is quite high and this morning it went back to normal but I still got headaches and mual. What’s mual in English btw hahahaha. The funny part is I woke up this morning and decided to go to work because I thought I can handle the pain but nahh time tunggu bas tetiba tak larat sungguh pastu balik rumah sambung tidur lol.
Who really knows me would know that if I’m running a fever, the high temeperature wouldn’t really last long. Maybe only for 3-4 hours. And because there’s nobody home to send me to clinic because I need to get my MC for the proof of my absence, I can only go to the clinic in the evening after Mak got home. And there’s the unpleasant part. Doctor checked my temperature and it already went back to normal and I think I’m labelled as “this one person who doesn’t really sick but wants a MC slip” lol. But I swear I don’t lie.

If and only if there’s a tool to measure headache so Mr Doctor would really believe me :’) But I still got my MC tho hehehehe.

P/s: To my Ifahlicious if you read this, idk why but I can't reply to your comment / add new comment on the previous post but here's my reply "omo rindu jugakkkk! thank you hehehehe finally ada reader #kenamasukdiaryni lol" hahahahahahaha

ignore my hand pose but hi pah! hahahha

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    Eh hang suka tetiba demam tau. Take care of yourself k! ;)


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