December 8, 2016

Life Update - December 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Long time no see! (Macam la ada orang baca lol). But who cares hahaha. So my last post was in August 2016 and now it's December! *christmas song.mp3* Here are a few things happened in the past 4 months.

1) I graduated from CFSIIUM yeay! Alhamdulillah I think I did well, although my CGPA is not 4.00 but I am really grateful that I pernah rasa dapat GPA of 4.00 which was on Sem 3, 2015/2016. And that is the best semester ever. The subjects, the lecturers and my financial condition pun was reallyyyyyy okay :')

2) I've done my kuliyyah interview yeay! For those who doesn't know, students of CFSIIUM from several courses (Medic, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Allied Health Sciences and Nursing) will need to attend an interview session to secure a place in kuliyyah (degree). There's a story about the interview process, but I think I'll write it in another post. Just a friendly reminder for those who thinking to apply for CFSIIUM or UIA for your foundation studies, remember this 
UIA and last minute notice berpisah tiada 
3) Along is married! The akad nikah ceremony is on Nov 11, 2016 and the kenduri was held on the day after.

4) I am officially unemployed. I have like almost a year of holiday before entering degree life (it's a very long stories and I am very sure all of CFS students pun dah muak nak bagitahu kenapa). Applied for jobs already but still no replies. So I'm currently staying at home, doing some house chores, socializing through the social media and sometimes I bake and cook new recipes.

5) Fudhla is two years old already! hehehe. She has no biological relationship with me but she is my sister's friend's friend's daughter. Sometimes they babysit her, sometimes they visit her since she was a baby. Oh! She has a baby brother already! His name is Fawwaz. What a handsome name kan!

Okay I think that's all for today. Till next time, bye!

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