August 12, 2016

Masa semakin singkat literally atau kita yang makin alpa?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Amboi tajuk acah betul, tapi itulah sebenarnya yang aku fikir. Tak sebenarnya it is based on my experience. Sekarang kan I’m in my last sem dekat CFS PJ ni and only God knows how I really want this to end. Like seriously I want to finish this as soon as possible. (I know I sound ungrateful but never mind only I know what I’m going through). And surprisingly sem ni rasa kejap gila and now I’m halfway through it. Tetiba dah exam midsem, tetiba dah kena submit assignments, tetiba dah test Bio.
            Compared to last sem which I really really enjoy myself. We (me & my roommates) did so much thing together. Seoul Garden, Mood Republik, sewa kereta adhoc sebab tetiba kena ambik tiket kat TSK, outing to almost every mall at Kuantan :’), pergi makan kat matriks, pergi pasar malam, pergi Taman Tas 88 kali, gotong-royong bilik 80juta kali tapi lepas 2 hari sepah balik, kacau uda kaklis kaktin along dengan mat kat cafĂ©, masak and makan sekali dekat tengah bilik. And mahallah’s activities too. All those talks, program MRC (rindunya MRC!) : Usrah, Ohana, BBQ dalam blackout, meeting pukul 7 pagi, pastu keluar cari barang BBQ huhuhu and so much more. I enjoyed last sem lectures as well! Rasa macam panjang and best gila sem lepas.
My MRC ohana :)
            Besides from His promise which when The Day is coming, the time will be getting shorter I think it’s human fault who takes time for granted. It depends on how they spent their time; is it filled with beneficial activities or deeds or just let the time go. When we don’t even care about our time; where and how it’s spent, that’s very dangerous ladies and gentlemen. I remembered a tazkirah by someone while I was in school I think, which he asked, why did in the past, the Companions and the successors can read a lot of Quran pages in a night but not us today? (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s because their time was blessed. And that person which I don’t even remember who was it told us to pray to Allah untuk bagi kita keberkatan masa. (It is bold and Malay because I think it’s more meaningful in Malay, pardon my poor vocab).

   So start the engine and start movin’! Don’t procrastinate or else you’ll find your past trapped in the future ;)

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