December 17, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! *waving* ^^

Dear 97's, tomorrow is the day! The day which we hope will be a sweet memory for us! In Shaa Allah ,tomorrow we will be smiling , our parents will be proud of us , teachers will be proud of us , and In Shaa Allah , we will break the school record! ^^v To 29's , we will meet tomorrow. Yeay ! Tak sabarnya! No matter what happens tomorrow , we are still firends , we are still awesome and most important , we are still ROCKSTARS! :* Ya Allah , please , please , please make us happy tomorrow. Please , we want to see a smile on our parents' and teachers' face. Please Ya Allah, make our parents proud of us , make our teachers proud of us , please make our effort , our teachers' effort , our parents' effort , our school's effort , a worthwhile effort! 

Atas restu Allah :)

In Shaa Allah , 124 of us will smile tomorrow! ;)

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