January 30, 2014

Star Student

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

It's already the 31th day from 365 and here I am writing my first post for 2014.
Yet it's still unbelieveable that I'm 17 , but that is the fact.

Well, nothing changed much (for the time being). Actually, last Monday there was a ceremony at my school and it was 'Pelancaran Program Kemeriahan Akademik' if I was not mistaken. It's kinda like Top 5 ABPBH announcement hahahaha. Well, the principal's speech was something to be remembered because he did mentioned again about the Sinar Pagi programme. The first time he mentioned about the Sinar Pagi programme was on 'one fine friday morning ' after the bacaan Yassin that we have every friday in the hall. After the shocking Friday, everyone thought it was just a plan. Yeah everyone was like "takde eh." "takkan ah." Well congrats everybody, you were wrong! clap clap clap.

The Sinar Pagi programme is a programme which US , yes us the form five students have to go to school before 6.30 am and started our class at 6.30 am.

It's not like usual PDP class where teacher come in to your class and teach and "Understand class?" "Yessssssssssss". It's kinda like prep class thing. Hostelians should know what prep class is. We will be given modules to be done. Yeah physics at 6.30 am will be the BEST THING EVERRRRRR.

After the VIP speech and the launching gimmick , the top 11 students from the 2013 final exam were going to receive the Star Student button. This Star Students are the school's target to achieve 9A+ / 10A+ in SPM.
And, I am one of them.
You know, being a star student is really an honour to me. It was like a balas dendam because I didn't get the Star Student award for my PMR year. I feel appreciated. My hardworks pay off. But it scared me somehow. This is a really big amanah. The school put their trust on me to raise the school name. What if my Test 1 is not excellent? 

Yes, I'm grateful that I was awarded as the Star Student. I hope that this will be my first step to achieve my dream.
9A+ SPM 2014
Ya Allah, jauhkanlah aku dari sifat riak. Kau permudahkanlah jalanku, Kau berikanlah aku kefahaman yang mudah Ya Allah.

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