March 23, 2018


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Since the last post is a bit negative, let me compensate the positivity meter hehehehe.
Takde la, what I'm going to say ni actually tetiba came across my mind time nak balik from library haritu. Okay, let me give you the full situation. 

Now, most of the UG students except for some Medic and Dentistry students are on the semester break which is a week. And, I did not go home :) Some people are saying "seriously tak balik? Seminggu kot?" and paling tak guna sekali "mak kau halau kau eh?" lulz. Y'all, I got 3 quizzes and a midterm next week and 2 assignments to be started (bukan completed tau, mula pun belum hm). Sebagai seorang yang sedar diri bahawa rumah adalah tempat yang sangat best untuk tidur, then I decided to stay here. Plus, I already went home last two weeks, sebab homesick lol.

So, when I decided to not go home, I planned my daily schedule. What subjects should I study and what topics should I finish in a day. Actually, I am still figuring out is it me yang sekarang ni lambat sangat nak faham and dah lah can't 100% remember what I'm studying (I took the whole day to study one lecture note of Pharmaco T_T) or it's the subjects yang tough so it really needs time to fathom all those facts. So long story short, I was a bit frustrated la because at the end of the day, there's still a lot that I didn't study for. Pharmaco, Organic Chem, and Biochem yang tak sentuh langsung lagi tu, Microbes chapter Virus yang dah lupa padahal next 2 weeks ada quiz.

Tapi time nak kemas barang sebab nak balik from library, tetiba terlintas, "Alhamdulillah for today. At least I gained something, at least ada benda yang I have better understanding now." And I was like, hm patutlah selama ni rasa macam what I did is not enough, macam dah study pun tapi rasa tak tenang sebab can't really hafal everything. Ha, sebab tak bersyukur! Hm, I know that's bad sila jangan ikut. But, when that thought crossed over my mind sumpah rasa tenang ;). So, instead of tengok apa yang kita tak capai, be proud of what we have achieved. Sebab, when I overthink pasal tak sempat nak study, nak catch up, my mind will ultimately be messed up and finally, nothing is done sebab can't focus. Study benda ni tapi teringat yang tu tak study lagi, serabut!

Maka, it's okay. Do it at your own pace and of course need improvement but do not punish and overstress yourself okay?


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