January 6, 2018

Final exam and gifted.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Well it's 2018 already and my last post was in October 2017 hehe. Was thinking to blog at least once a week but then hm no consistency I think. Being a degree student is not a joke man. Yaaaaa I know baru first year and first sem but this is my phase okay? I know it will get harder by times and I will see today’s challenge and hardship as only a small matter but hey, human grows?

Sebenarnya tengah buat soalan MCQ for physiology OMG tomorrow is the day doh can’t believe the day is really coming. Ya that sounds dramatic but that’s one thing about me. I get pretty nervous and in unbelievable phase when the real important days are really coming, i.e. final exam days, Along’s wedding day, my Uni registration day and the list goes on. Tapi Alhamdulillah everything went well je nobody is hospitalised sebab terkejut the day is really coming lol.

Actually this post only to convey a message. It have been lingering in my mind since umm idk 2013? Ya, you know in any class there will be that one kid (or more) that looks like he/she did nothing extra or even nothing at all but then bila result keluar fuh nama mereka la teratas. And other students will be saying “gifted bolehlah”, as in they did nothing but they achieve everything. I personally think that if you are not with them 24/7, you do not really see what they are doing outside of the class, you should not label them as gifted.

Because some of em really works hard, it just us that did not see their effort. Some of them burnt the midnight oil, belum cerita hubungan dia dengan Tuhan macam mana, they really pay attention in class while some of us kalau dah tak faham tu terus give up (cakap dengan cermin).  Kalau kita memang 24/7 berkepit dengan orang tu and tahu dia memang tak belajar and result still excellent boleh la kot nak kata dia gifted. But when people works really hard to achieve something but then labelled as ‘that person who did nothing but achieve everything’ is kinda hurting, yes? These people memang bukan jenis nak bagitahu orang how’s their effort pun, some of them sacrifise a lot, so we should not disregards their effort kan? Tapi cuba tanya apa dia buat sampai dia boleh score alright?

Okay tu je nak cakap doakan I can answer my paper well tomorrow, adios! 

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