January 16, 2015


Hi it is 2.19 am in the morning and i can't sleep because i slept in the afternoon earlier. Yeah because guess what is one of nikmat dunya God blessed you with? Yes, TIDUR PETANG! Ya Rabbi nikmatnya tuhan je tahu hahahaha

Actually i wanted to write something that i learnt from ustaz kazim. Actually he was talking about children, but i really like what he said. 🙆

" Semua yang terjadi kat kita, sebenarnya itulah yang terbaik untuk kita. Kalau kita ada 7 anak, itulah yang terbaik untuk kita. Kalau orang tu takda anak, itulah yang terbaik untuk mereka. Jangan pernah kata orang mandul, sebab orang yang mandul sebenarnya ialah orang yang ada anak, tapi anak-anak itu yang akan menyusahkan dia dekat akhirat nanti. "

So to summarise and simplify it, everything happened for reasons and what happened is planned by Him. We know that He is the best planner. So, chin up. Face the reality. Believe in Him. Your path is the best for you. 💕

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