November 30, 2012

Hello December :)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! *waving*

I'm back! hehe , this is seriously i'm back :D . Oh it is already december! And for the 97's be ready to face the white slip that determine your 2013. hehehehe. Why did I wrote in English? LOL. dunno why. haha. Okay , this month will be the new phase for Sukasukirara. :3 I hope that I will be a better blogger. :') Thats all for now , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee oh pleaseeeeeeeeeee pray for PMR result!
Saya doakan Nur Athirah bt Mohamad Aziz akan mendapat 8A dalam PMR 2012. Amin! 
Thanks for your prayer! Adios. :* 

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