June 2, 2017

Ramadan Kareem!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

It’s Friyayy and today is the *pause. Counting.* 7th day of Ramadan. Well, today is my off day. Actually it was on Tuesday but then last Wednesday my CC told me “Athirah nanti kamu banyak cuti tau. Ikut je jadual.” Apparently I have 7 days of AL and it should be used up until this month because my contract ends this month. The thing is I thought that the AL could be dragged until I am a permanent staff (I was thinking to use my AL for MUET examination later) but nah. Andddddddd esok pun cuti wohoooooo!! So, I’m only working for 3 days this week hooraayyy!

Well, disebabkan kerja cashier ni kena ikut shift so I don’t get to go to surau for tarawih every night :/ and iftar is also in rush because you only have 30 minutes to eat and pray plus the time spend to walk from counter to foodcourt to surau and back to counter. But it’s okay as it is a valuable experience ;)

This Ramadan also reminds me of my Tawe Gambang 1617 memories. We did almost everything together. Iftar, sahur, tarawikh and so much more. Ah how time flies! It has been a year since the day that brings us closer, well at least some of us ;) and suddenly yesterday our Tawe Clan Whatsapp group is alive, again. Yang dah left masuk balik pastu dia add balik orang lain, rindu ke tu huhuhuhu.

Alright, I hope everyone had a good Ramadan so far, and may we achieve our Ramadan target this year Amin! Till the next post, bye!

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