June 27, 2016

From Gambang to Petaling Jaya.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

I’m still adapting to this whole new environment. From whole new big room to a little space to be shared with the other three. From the classroom complete with projectors and airconds to the old classrooms here (some are creepy). From the same >400 students to thousands of new faces everyday. From just within a building to go to the next class but here it’s so far from each other.

The brothers here are different too. Gambang’s are better to me. I’m sorry I know I can’t make simply make assumption and generalize them but let me finish my rants. I want my life back in Gambang again T_T

I miss everything there. My crazy roommates (although two of them are here but I want everyone, sounds selfish I know), my very friendly and adorable lecturers, our own port in the library, I miss Ezra Café’s friendly workers and that very polite brother that made the best iced Neslo in the world. I miss to chat with Cik Mah and tease Pakcik Kasmirin. I miss Gambang’s serenity and tranquility. I miss the comfort; how near is the musolla and although we have to share the reading room with the bros I’m still okay with it and I really think it is one of the good way to actually learn and apply ikhtilat when it comes to sharing between bros and sis.

Okay enough, there’s voice inside me keeps telling me to be grateful. Others don’t even have the chances to study. You’re a human you can’t have everything you wanted. This is your last sem of your foundation. Please finish this game with a victory. Now that I’m at PJ, it is much nearer to home, and I have Along and Kakak here in KL. This may be a starting for you to be a real student; all these hardships and struggles (including finding the classes LOL).

It’s okay Rara, when you read this months later you must be laugh on how fragile you were. It’s okay, you’ll be fine InsyaAllah :)

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